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From Andy Fletcher - 8th July 2008

Andy worked at LDDC, first at the Ledger Building, then at Thames House for three years, July 1985-July 1988, an Administrator and Assistant to Mel Hague, Director of Operations.

After those great days at Thames House, sharing an office with the lovely Julie Dublin and Karen Wade during the exiting development of the Isle of Dogs, the Royal Docks and the City Airport and surviving the day when Eddie Oliver's office was "invaded" by the protesters who chained themselves to his desk, I moved on to some temporary work for major contractors in Docklands and a year in Tower Hamlets Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Office then a three year stint as Site Administrator and Deputy Public Relations Officer for the contractor building the Limehouse Link, Balfour Beatty Amec, where I renewed acquaintance with quite a number of LDDC staff and ex LDDC staff. Following that I was given a three year contract to work as Office Manager on the Jubilee Line Extension Project site in Rotherhithe Street at Durands Wharf building the tunnels between Canada Water and Canary Wharf and this was extended by another few years to assist on the Canary Wharf Station build and then to The South Colonnade to end up as Document Control Manager - finishing after seven and three-quarter years, not bad for a three year contract !!. I moved from JLEP to become Community Relations Representative for Contract 220 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link at Stratford then after three years there have been with Cross London Rail Links as Community Relations Coordinator (Construction) for the last four years. I am hoping that we gain Royal Assent later this July so that we can actually start building the project to link east and west London and, with any luck, I will be able to retire and realise my dream of owning a boat to live aboard on the Canals of France.

When not at work, I am still very happily married to my lovely Ann and my two girls are now 27 and 30 years respectively. As much time as possible is spent aboard our Snapdragon 890 sailing cruiser, exploring the east coast and the near continent. The gardening and decorating doesn't get much of a look in but sailing is just such a wonderful way to relax !!!!

It's great to see so many faces I remember from those days and I guess I will bump into a few more, especially Howard Sheppard !, once the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf is under way.

If anyone fancies a get together or just a chinwag for old times sake I'd be pleased to hear from you !! My contact details are below.

Best regards.


Andy Fletcher
Community Relations Coordinator (Construction)
Cross London Rail Links Ltd
E mail: Click Here 

NB Andy has now left Crossrail and works for Team BFK (a Joint Venture of BAM Nuttall, Ferrovial Agroman and Kier) as Consents and Stakeholder Coordinator on the Crossrail contract building the tunnels between Royal Oak and Farringdon

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Garry O'KeefeFrom Garry O'Keefe - 11th June 2008

I found your website today and it brought back many memories of the work that was produced for the LDDC by Island Design. From what I understand we were the first graphic design consultancy to set up on the Isle of Dogs in Tiller Road E14 in 1983. My business partner Clive Everett and myself became involved with the LDDC design department from very early days in September 1983. At that time our main contact was Chris Knowles along with Colin Dunne in the LDDC design department and they were both excellent to work with. I think Reg Ward was then Chief Executive.

Chris had a problem at the time in that Colin had schemed the well known 'reef knot' logo of the London Docklands Business Club in horizontal alternating bars - unfortunately no design practice could be found locally to artwork it correctly! At the time the LDDC design department was at the old Dockmasters House, later to become an up-market curry house and 'gentleman's club'.

I duly came along to take the visual roughs and hand drew a master artwork of bars onto a base for the blue colour, then with the help of a master tracing, hand drew the silver bars on a film overlay (one of many late nights over the coming years). Many 'PMT' (or bromides for those old enough to remember them) copies were subsequently made, to send out to the press and printers. These days of course this would be all rendered digitally.

From then on Island Design were regular suppliers of LDDC work for over a decade, often artworking many print items styled in the LDDC design studio.
This included the London Docklands Sports Centre brochure and the annual corporate folders with their distinctive laminated colour-coded regeneration area brochures, which gave overviews of existing developments and those planned for the future. There was also a book jacket I remember when the world chess championships were staged in Docklands.

The LDDC offices later moved to the rear of the Fred Olsen shed area where the London Arena was later built, after which it moved to an exhibition building across the road next to the Skylines development, I think Sunny Crouch was in charge at that point and another person I became involved with was Geoff Nyburg. The exhibition building later became a Jaguar dealership and the site is now occupied by a tall block of luxury flats.

I remember a consultant called Eric Hollington and three memorable print
suppliers- Steve Loughlin of Formula Print, Orion Lithographic who were next door to Dockmasters House (when the rented offices in the old square there were affordable) and Mike Horrigan of M J Horrigan Ltd at Castle Wharf. I think these are all gone now as are Premier Metropolis who were in Burdett Road and Pastel Print, in the former Chandler's Building in West India Dock Road.

Being pre-Apple Mac days, we bought most of our typesetting from two companies in the city but occasionally used Wrightset in Indescon Court which I think was the first business development to be completed in the docks area. We later moved to rented premises at the Atlantis Paper Company in Wapping Lane and had a 'Focus' article on us in (I think) Docklands News.
Some of our local clients were Val Thorne of AND Software Ltd and Jane Teather of a telephone systems company in Heron Quays, whose name escapes me.

We also produced many early issues of 'Canary Wharf News' for Olympia & York as well as designing some cheques for them! A number of PR companies in town such as Food & Wine from France (later Sopexa UK) along with packaging/ corporate work for J Sainsbury and ITN ensured we were always busy.

In March 1987 we bought our own premises in Steels Lane E1 (behind the former East End Maternity Hospital where I was born) that we converted over two floors and eventually moved to the City Business Centre SE16 in June 1988. Here we stayed until 2005 when the partnership ended amicably but my former partner Clive still runs his own design practice under the Island Design flag while I now also run my own design business of Design14.

The 1980's were fast-moving times and the pace of development on the Isle of Dogs and docklands areas elsewhere was unrelenting. I still have some of the work from that period as well as samples of independent brochures designed for other big developments in Wapping and elsewhere that are a reminder of how things have changed so much from my childhood days, after growing up in the area.

Best wishes to any former staff that might remember us.

Regards, Garry O'Keefe

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From Ben Mann - 4th April 2008

Hello Stuart

I have just read your page at http://www.lddc-history.org.uk/transport/tranmon3.html  on the history of Riverbus.

My dad was a captain at Riverbus from 1989 - 1993 and also charted his own two boats "The John Harriot" and "The King" to Riverbus around 1989-1990 for services to Chelsea.

I have been looking for photographs of the boats and so far have around 7 in my collection and wondered if you have any photographs of Riverbus you can send to me (including a larger version of the one on your page at London Bridge).

Im also interested as it mentions the boats went to Hong Kong,if you know if they are still in service?

I look forward to hearing from you

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From Ian Charie - 1st March 2008

Greetings from the (snowy!) US. Gill's timing is perfect...............we will be over in the UK visiting as this coincides with my parents Golden wedding anniversary (I hasd mentioned this to Gill before!!). So. looking forward to catching up with you all....................it only seems like yesterday!!

I wish I had been better at keeping in touch. The brief update is: the move here went really well, everyone settled well, kids love everything (especially the house, 1 acre property and school) Jill got a great - tho stressful - job running an alternative program at a High School, I got a great job with a leading consultancy after just 5 weeks here Project Managing urban planning work in New Orleans in the wake of Hurrican Katrina - which was just a remarkable opportunity.............and so the first year flew by. I was then laid off - contract came to an end, couldn;t keep me on, and getting work has been tough since. Doing lots of part-time things, some planning work, as well as attending lots of conferences/workshops etc. and networking like mad. The reality is, the 'Boston' market is quite small (compatred to what I have been used to in London), 'planning' isn;t taken as seriously by municipalities (and there are lots of small towns with very little budget, even in Metro Boston) and the State doesn;t 'do' mjuchj Planning either. So, along with recession, even established consultants and practices are suffering. I have several times said at events that they could do with the Docklands model............for the Boston waterfront, and large military bases that straddle 3 towns boundaries.

Hopefully when June comes, I will be more occupied. Hope all are doing well; we did have a Docklands visitor -Haydn Fitchett and his wife stayed with us for a few nights last September, so got a bit of an update then.

Look forward to hopefully seeing you,


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From Laraine Sains - 7th February 2008

Hello Stuart

Long time no see.  I do hope you are keeping well and happy.  I don't know whether you will remember me but throughout my ten years at the LDDC I worked as Executive Assistant to Howard Sheppard.  My first taster of the LDDC was in 1987 at Surrey Quays where I worked as a temp for just for a couple of weeks, meeting Peter Swordy amongst others for the first time.  As a result of that booking I was invited to temp for the Area Director of the Wapping & Limehouse team (WALAT) at St Katharine's Way and a one week temporary booking turned into ten years at the Corporation.  I moved to Dockmaster's House in Westferry when Howard became Area Director for the Wapping & Isle of Dogs Area Team (WIDAT) and from there to Thames Quay when he became Director of City Design & Planning.  I remember you well, Stuart, and the happy days when you, me and Jackie Connolly used to giggle over some happening in the team.  I also remember that it was you who first taught me how to use a scanner!

I stumbled upon the LDDC History pages when someone asked me the name of the last Chairman of the LDDC and, as often seems to happen these days, I could not remember so I "Googled" and what a lovely surprise it was to find the LDDC People page - my memories instantly flooded back as I scanned the names.  Happy days!

On leaving the LDDC I worked as the PA to the Director of Risk at the Halifax , as it was before it merged with the Bank of Scotland to become HBOS.  In 2003 I took up a post at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) where I currently work as  Executive PA to the Chief Executive.  But not for much longer as I shall be retiring at the end of March.

I would be very pleased if you would add my details to the LDDC People page and would love to hear from you and any of my former friends and colleagues.  I can be reached via my home email address: larainesains@btinternet.com

With kind regards

Laraine (Sains)

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From Doreen Holtermann - 9th January 2008

Dear Stuart

What a lovely surprise to hear from you.  I have passed your e-mail on to Chris Farrow so that he can give you an update.

In 2006 Chris asked me to come out of retirement to help set up his office here.  At that time there were only three or four of us. The original intention was to come here for 3 months, but two years later I'm still around, although now working for the Chairman.  However, next week I'm going to be working only two days a week and maybe a little from home.  It's quite a drive from home to here so I'll have at least three days a week when I don't have to leave at 6 a.m. in order to miss the traffic.

It's been great to be here while all the negotiations were going on to get the BBC here and although they only signed up in June the buildings are shooting up I though Canary Wharf was pretty stunning, but the sheer organisation to get so many building up at the same time is amazing.

The stained glass has been on hold, apart from an odd job or two, since I began working here but I'll probably revive it once I'm only working a couple of days a week.  My main focus of activity has been building a narrowboat with David.  We bought the hull last March and have worked every weekend and holiday on it since then.  We've lined it out with maple and now It's almost finished, with just the main bedroom to build.  It's been a great learning curve and we're already talking about the next one (twice as wide) which we'll take down to the South of France.  Launch of this one will be in early April !

Chris is in great form and it always surprises me when someone from LDDC turns up, as they do from time to time.  Mark Smith was here last year Urban Regeneration is a very small world.

What are you doing these days are you still designing web sites?  I've had a go at that, but again it was put on hold while I've been otherwise engaged.

Give my love to anyone you are still in touch with.  I've attached a photograph of our entire staff here which was taken just before Christmas I hope you still recognise me !

Happy New Year



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