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Links to copies of the Annual Reports and Accounts issued by LDDC throughout its life.

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(Note: These Reports have been reproduced by kind permission of the Commission for the New Towns now known as English Partnerships. They are published for general interest and research purposes only and may not be reproduced for other purposes except with the permission of English Partnerships who now hold the copyright of LDDC publications)

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As with most organisations the Annual Reports and Accounts of the LDDDC are a good source of chronological information about the work of the Corporation and how it spent its money.

We were therefore delighted when early in 2007 we were given copies of the Annual Reports and Accounts published by the Corporation throughout the whole period of seventeen years (1981-1998) during which it was engaged on the regeneration of the Docklands area.

Altogether these reports contain more than 1000 pages of information. These have been scanned and reproduced in Acrobat .pdf format. Even so, the files are very large for online use and the copies accessible from this site have thus been produced in grayscale/black and white format. And the resulting .pdf files have been zipped for quicker downloading. Full colour copies can be obtained by sending a blank CD together with a stamped addressed jiffy bag (or similar) and a cheque for the copying fee of £5. Please e-mail for information on where to send the CD.

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The Reports


Download the Report - .zip (7.79mb)



Download the Report - .zip (13.46mb)


Download the Report - .zip (13.46mb) plus associated Major Devlopments brochure (.zip 1.55mb) and Fact Sheet (. zip 190kb)



Download the Report - .zip (19.55mb)


Download the Report - .zip (12.03mb)



Download the Report - .zip (8.69mb)


Download the Report - .zip (10.69mb)



Download the Report - .zip (1.06mb)


Download the Report - .zip (4.79mb)



Download the Report - .zip (3.30mb)


Download the Report - .zip (3.37mb)



Download the Report - .zip (5.19mb)


Download the Report - .zip (6.37mb)



Download the Report - .zip (6.98mb)


Download the Report - .zip (11.36mb)



Download the Report - .zip (5.09mb)


Download the Report - .zip (5.93mb)


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Overview of LDDC Accounts

As part of a wider NAO study of the Thames Gateway programme, the National Audit Office in 2007 carried out a short analysis of the Annual Accounts of the LDDC over the 17 years of its life. The resulting overview was not published but is reproduced here by kind permission.


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