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Number Title
Category Location
PR010197 Destination Docklands - The Other Side of London 01/01/1997 Tourism Docklandswide
PR020197 LDDC Chairman Recognised in New Year's Honours List 02/01/1997 Staff Docklandswide
PR080197 Highest Take-up in Nine Years in London Docklands 08/01/1997 Publicity Docklandswide
PR100197 Outline Planning Consent for Docklands University Campus 29/04/2174 Education and Training Royal Docks
PR170197 Lord Mayor of London PreviewsJoint International Marketing Initiative 17/01/1997 Publicity Docklandswide
PR270197 Make Merriment Your Food of Love with a Night Out in London Docklands 27/01/1997 Events Isle of Dogs
PR290197 LDDC Completes Regeneration Remit in Wapping and Limehouse 29/01/1997 Completion Tower Hamlets
PR310197(a) LDDC and Tower Hamlets Sign Agreement on Wapping and Limehouse 31/01/1997 Completion Tower Hamlets
PR310197(a) London Docklands Caught on Camera 31/01/199 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR030297(a) Two New Directors Appointed to LDDC Board 03/02/1997 Staff Docklandswide
PR030297(b) Sports Lottery Award for Royal Albert Dock International Rowing Course 03/02/1997 Watersports Royal Docks
PR040297 South Quay Update (Docklands Bomb) 04/02/1997 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR130297 Missing Milligan Returns after 122 Years 13/02/1997 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR170297 LDDC Launch First Business Park for London 17/02/1997 Developments Royal Docks
PR240297 LDDC Appoints Joint Chief Executives 24/02/1997 Staff Docklandswide
PR260297(a) Visitor Survey Confirms Docklands' Youthful Tourism Profile 26/02/1997 Tourism Docklandswide
PR260297(b) "Photo Docklands - Changing Perceptions" 26/02/1997 Arts Docklandswide
PR270297 Works Starts on New Footbridge and Park ijn the Royal Docks 27/02/1997 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR130397(1) Five New Hotels for London Docklands 13/03/1997 Developments Tower Hamlets
PR130397(2) West Silvertown Urban Village Phase II on the Market 13/03/1997 Developments Royal Docks
PR180397 Disappointment at Hermitage Riverside Decision 18/03/1997 Developments Wapping
PR200397 Comedy Club's Last Night of the Season 20/03/1997 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR240397 TourEast Launches First travel Guide 24/03/1997 Tourism Docklandswide
PR260397 Docklands Labour Scheme Targets Jobs for Locals 26/03/1997 Job Creation Docklandswide
PR27039(a) LDDC Appoints New Head of Land Development 27/03/1997 Staff Docklandswide
PR27039(b) Environment Secretary to Review West India Quay Plans 27/03/1997 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR030497 Norton Healthcare Move to Royals Business Park 03/04/1997 Developments Royal Docks
PR100497 Granada to Open Travelodge in London Docklands 10/04/1997 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR110497 "Photo Docklands - Changing Perceptions" Opens London's Newest Gallery 11/04/1997 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR150497 LDDC Planning Support for West India Quay Development 15/04/1997 Planning Isle of Dogs
PR210497 Business Directory Reflects Confidence in London Docklands 21/04/1997 Publicity Docklandswide
PR240497 Press Statement - Right to Sue in Private Nuisance is Limited to Those with a Proprietary Interest in Land; TV Interference Not Actionable in Law 24/04/1997 Misc Docklandswide
PR300497 Photo Docklands - Changing Perceptions Opens Today in London's Newest Gallery 30/04/1997 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR010597 South Quay Re-instatement Update (Docklands Bomb) 01/05/1997 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR020597 Leisure, Retail and Residential Scheme for West India Quay 02/05/1997 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR120597(a) Hermitage Riverside Sold to Developers 12/05/1997 Developments Wapping
PR120597(b) Vote of Thanks for New Nursery from Cardinal Hume 12/05/1997 Community Limehouse
PR150597(a) Cardinal Hume Gives Thanks for New Nursery 15/05/1997 Community Limehouse
PR150597(b) Tourism Boosts East London Economy 15/05/1997 Tourism Docklandswide
PR150597(c) Berkeley Homes to Provide Thamesside Memorial Park 15/05/1997 Developments Wapping
PR160597 New Footbridge Links South Quay and Canary Wharf 16/05/1997 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR200597 New Footbridge Links South Quay and Canary Wharf 20/05/1997 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR210597 HRH Duke of Edinburgh Visits East London Riding School 21/05/1997 Visits Beckton
PR230597 Bishop of Barking Visits West Silvertown Urban Village 23/05/1997 Visits Royal Docks
PR300597 New Footbridge Links South Quay and Canary Wharf in London Docklands 30/05/1997 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR050697 Work Starts at Travelodge's London Docklands Site 05/06/1997 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR130697 Go Surfing in London Docklands 13/06/1997 Publicity Docklandswide
PR180697 Think Before You Sink 18/06/1997 Watersports Royal Docks
PR190697 Fun Packed Events In One Weekend in London Docklands 28-30 June 1997 19/06/1997 Events Isle of Dogs
PR260697 Discover New London 26/06/1997 Tourism Docklandswide
PR070797 Considerate Contractors Recognised in London Docklands 07/07/1997 Misc Tower Hamlets
PR080797(a) Bravery of Docklands War Hero Commemorated 08/07/1997 Events Isle of Dogs
PR080797(b) Considerate Contractors Recognised in London Docklands 08/07/1997 Misc Tower Hamlets
PR090797(a) Bravery of Docklands War Hero Commemorated 09/07/1997 Events Isle of Dogs
PR090797(b) Think Before You Sink
09/07/1997 Community Newham
PR110797 LDDC Funding Expands Festival In Docklands 11/07/1997 Arts Docklandswide
PR140797(1) Go-ahead for Leisure, Retail and Residential Scheme at West India Quay 14/07/1997 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR140797(2) London Docklands Publishes 1996/97 Annual Report and Accounts
14/07/1997 Publicity
PR170797 Urban Change - The Inside Stories Behind London Docklands 17/07/1997 Completion Docklandswide
PR210797(a) LDDC to Complete Remit on Isle of Dogs on 10th October 1997 31/07/1997 Completion Isle of Dogs
PR210797(b) Docklands Community Foundation to Receive £2m 31/07/1997 Completion Isle of Dog
PR230797 Festival of Food in London Docklands 23/07/1997 Events Docklandswide
PR310797 Opportunity for Residential Development at Thames Barrier Park 31/07/1997 Developments Royal Docks
PR260897 Installation of Archimedes Screw 26/08/1997 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR290897 Archimedes Screw Starts Turning in London Docklands 29/08/1997 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR010997(a) Sculpture Unveiling Postponed (Princess Diana) 01/09/1997 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR010997(b) Cancellation of Day One of Sea Food Fair (Princess Diana) 01/09/1997 Events Isle of Dogs
PR010997(b) Sale of Major Residential Site Coincides with Record Residentail Sales for London Docklands 01/09/1997 Developments Docklandswide
PR030997 London Docklands to Provide 'Park and Ride' on Saturday 6th September 03/09/1997 Events Docklandswide
PR060997 Ahoy There!  Feast Your Appetites at the London Docklands Seafood Fair 06/09/1997 Events Isle of Dogs
PR070997 Traditional East End Jellied Eel Eating Competition 07/09/1997 Events Isle of Dogs
PR230997 LDDC Hands Business Centre Back to Newham 23/09/1997 Completion Newham
PR240997A Mudchute Allotments Puts Down New Roots - LDDC Chairman Opens New Members Building 24/09/1997 Community Isle of Dogs
PR240997B New William Pye Sculpture Floats on Water in London Docklands 24/09/1997 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR290997 Green Light for Docklands Museum 29/09/1997 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR021097 Glenda Jackson Marks the Inauguration of New Footbridge 02/10/1997 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR031097 Commission for the New Towns in the Driving Seat 03/10/1997 Completion Tower Hamlets
PR071097 Glenda Jackson Marks the Inauguration of New Footbridge 07/10/1997 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR091097 LDDC Completes Remit on Isle of Dogs and South Poplar 09/10/1997 Completion Isle of Dogs
PR101097 LDDC Completes Remit on Isle of Dogs and South Poplar 10/10/1997 Completion Isle of Dogs
PR151097(a) Considerate Contractors Recognised in London Docklands 15/10/1997 Misc Southwark
PR151097(b) New Footbridge Craned into Position 15/10/1997 Infrastructure


PR231097 London Docklands Good Food Awards, 21st October 1997 23/10/1997 Events Docklandswide
PR241097 2.25 Million Secured Towards Community Needs 24/10/1997 Completion Isle of Dogs
PR061197 A Blooming Good Result for Mrs Brown 06/11/1997 Environmental Schemes Tower Hamlets
PR071198 A Blooming Good Result for Mrs Brown 07/11/1997 Environmental Schemes Tower Hamlets
PR101197A Docklands Businesses Pledge 450,00 to Local Community 10/11/1997 Community Isle of Dogs
PR101197B Multi-media takes London Docklands into the Classroom 10/11/1997 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR171197 New Guide Spotlights Historic Churches of Docklands and East London 17/11/1997 Tourism Docklandswide
PR201197 New Guide Spotlights Historic Churches of Docklands and East London 20/11/1997 Tourism Docklandswide
PR041297 New Footbridge Opens to the Public 04/12/1997 Infrastructure Limehouse
PR091297(a) LDDC Announces Preferred Developer for Residential Site at Thames Barrier Park 09/12/1997 Developments Royal Docks
PR091297(b) Weekend Road Closures in London Docklands 09/12/1997 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR171297(1) London Docklands Bows Out With Records Lettings 17/12/1997 Publicity Docklandswide
PR171297(2) Five New Hotels for Docklands to Meet Millenium Demand 17/12/1997 Developments Docklandswide

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Number Title
Category Location
PR050198 New Footbridge Opens to the Public 05/01/1998 Infrastructure Limehouse
PR150198 London Docklands Launches CD-Rom for Schools 15/01/1998 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR200198(1) London Docklands Launches CD-Rom for Schools 20/01/1998 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR200198(2) Secretary of State reviews Plans to Increase Flights from London City Airport 20/01/1998 Transport Royal Docks
PR210198 Lord Mayor Plants Thames Barrier Park's First Tree 21/01/1998 Environmental Schemes Royal Docks
PR220198 Go-Ahead for London's New International Exhibition Centre 22/01/1998 Developments Royal Docks
PR130298 LDDC Press Office Closes on 31 March 1998 13/02/1998 Completion Docklandswide
PR240298 LDDC Visitor Centre Closes this Week 24/02/1998 Completion Isle of Dogs
PR060398 New Business Directory Launch Marks Docklands Success 06/03/1998 Publicity Docklandswide
PR110398 Innovative New Footbridge Opens to the Public 11/03/1998 Infrastructure Limehouse
PR120398 New Business Directory Launch Marks Docklands Success 12/03/1998 Publicity Docklandswide
PR130398 Olympic Rower Seals Start of Work at International Rowing Course 13/03/1998 Watersports Royal Docks
PR190398 LDDC Winds Up - Successor Bodies take Forward Regeneration 19/03/1998 Completion Docklandswide
PR200398(1) Thumbs-up from Locals for LDDC 20/03/1998 Publicity Docklandswide
PR200398(2) End of an Era and New Beginnings for Docklands 20/03/1998 Completion Royal Docks
PR260398 An Era Ends with New Beginings in London Docklands 26/03/1998 Completion Docklandswide

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