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Number Title Date Category Location
PR050194 London Docklands - An Unrivalled Meetings Location 05/01/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR060194 New Chairman for Docklands Light Railway 06/01/1994 Transport Docklandswide
PR120194 Development Proposals Exhibition in London Docklands 12/01/1994 Planning Tower Hamlets
PR140194 £1m Facelift for South Quay Station 01/01/1994 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR240194(a) New Pedestrian Bridge for Royal Docks 24/01/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR240194(b) Launch of Art on Roundabouts Exhibition (2 releases) 24/01/1994 Arts Docklandswide
PR250194 30 Tonne Steam Train Lifts of in London Docklands 25/01/1994 Events Royal Docks
PR260194 LDDC Announce 'Urban Village' Competition 26/01/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR270194 New Study Shows that Key River Crossings are Needed to Maintain Development Progress in Docklands 27/01/1994 Planning Docklandswide
PR280194(a) Steam Train Takes Off in London Docklands 28/01/1994 Events Royal Docks
PR280194(b) Contemporary Art for Historic Docklands Warehouse 28/01/1994 Arts Royal Docks
PR310194(a) London Docklands Planning and Design Awards Top 60 31/01/1994 Events Docklandswide
PR310194(b) Heads Turn in Docklands for Arts and Heritage Group
31/01/1994 Arts Docklandswide
PR090294 New Board Appointments for Docklands Light Railway 09/02/1994 Transport Docklandswide
PR100294 Green Fingered Youngsters Support Docklands Ecological Project 10/02/1994 Ecology Beckton
PR140294 LDDC Starts Work on Strategic New DLR/Bus Interchange in the Royal Docks 14/02/1994 Transport Royal Docks
PR210294(a) West Ferry Estate Welcomes Refurbishments 21/02/1994 Housing Isle of Dogs
PR210294(a) Top Construction Man Joins LDDC Board
21/02/1994 Staff Docklandswide
PR220294(a) London Docklands - An Unrivalled Meetings Location 22/02/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR220294(b) New Docklands Venues Association Launched at Confex 1994
22/02/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR220294(c) New Exhibition Centre Proposed for London Docklands
22/02/1994 Developments
Royal Docks
PR230294(a) Consultation Starts on Possible Deletion of Cutty Sark and Island Gardens Stations on New DLR Lewisham Extension 23/02/1994 Transport Docklandswide
PR230294(b) City and Docklands Join Forces to Promote London
23/02/1994 Publicity
PR280294(a) Children Don Masks for Opera at Canary Wharf 28/02/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR280294(b) West Ferry Tenants Celebrate Refurbishments
28/02/1994 Housing
Isle of Dogs
PR010394 Design Awards Presented to London Docklands 01/03/1994 Developments Docklandswide
PR030394 London Docklands Business Directory Launches 10th Edition with Record Number of Entries 03/03/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR070394 London Docklands Business Directory Marks Tenth Edition with Record Number of Entries 07/03/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR080394 LDDC and Texaco Join Forces to Attract More Birds to London Docklands 08/03/1994 Ecology Docklandswide
PR100394 Monthly Concerts at canary Wharf Kick Off with Blues Band 10/03/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR110394 South Poplar to Benefit from £1.6m Refurbishment Package 11/03/1994 Environmental Schemes Tower Hamlets
PR140394 London Docklands Welcome New Residential Developer 14/03/1994 Housing Bermondsey Riverside
PR160394 Lights, Camera, Action!  London Docklands a Location Heaven 16/03/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR180394 Docklands Light Railway and London's First Urban Village to be "Launched 18/03/1994 Visits Docklandswide
PR220394 £1.4 Million Care Centre Opens in East London 22/03/1994 Community Wapping
PR230394 £1.4 Million Care Centre Opens in East London 23/03/1994 Community Wapping
PR280394(a) Wind Power Pumps Fresh Water into Docklands Ecology Park 28/03/1994 Ecology Surrey Docks
PR280394(b) £250,000 Boost for Arts in London Docklands 28/03/1994 Arts Docklandswide
PR280394(c) New Urban Village Launched by John Gummer MP, Secretaryof State for the Environment 28/03/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR290394 Docklands Attracted More than a Million Tourists in 1993 29/03/1994 Tourism Docklandswide
PR080494(a) Exhibition Centre for the Royal Docks 08/04/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR080494(b) Searchers Star at Canary Wharf
08/04/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR120494(a) Developers Unveil Housing Plans for West Silvertown Urban Village 12/04/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR120494(b) New Displays at Tower Hill Pageant 12/04/1994 Tourism Tower Hamlets
PR120494(c) New Survey Highlights Challenge of Modern Language Teaching in Docklands
12/04/1994 Education and Training
PR130494(a) London Docklands Targets Coach Operators 13/04/1994 Tourism Docklandswide
PR130494(b) New Open Top Bus Puts Docklands on the Map 13/04/1994 Tourism Docklandswide
PR130494(c) Green Light for London First Centre 13/04/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR130494(d) Give the Kids a Break 13/04/1994 Tourism Docklandswide
PR130494(e) Viscountess Cobham Opens New Display at Tower Hill Pageant 13/04/1994 Tourism Tower Hamlets
PR210494(a) Mr Blobby Descends on Limehouse Nursery Opening 21/04/1994 Community Limehouse
PR210494(b) Docklands Businesses celebrate 10 Years of Success
21/04/1994 Events Docklandswide
PR260494 Businesses Celebrate Success in Docklands 26/04/1994 Events Tower Hamlets
PR270494 Historic Docklands Cranes Return to Former Splendour 27/04/1994 Environmental Schemes Isle of Dogs
PR290494 Finalists Selected for West Silvertown Urban Village 29/04/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR060594 Season Opens for Docklands in Bloom '94 06/05/1994 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR090594 The Drifters at Canary Wharf 09/05/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR110594 School Takes to the Water to Learn about the Victorians 11/05/1994 Education & Training Royal Docks
PR120594 Working for Docklands - Docklands Employees Rise to the Challenge 12/05/1994 Community Docklandswide
PR160594 It's Back!  The Train Now Landing in Docklands is a 30 tonne Refurbished Steam Loco 16/05/1994 Events Beckton
PR170594 Chief Scout Opens Docklands Boat House 17/05/1994 Community Isle of Dogs
PR190594(a) Steam Train Returns to London Docklands 19/05/1994 Events Beckton
PR190594(b) London's Biggest Canary Gets its First Nesting Box
19/05/1994 Ecology
Isle of Dogs
PR230594 Pupils make Music with Giant Instruments 23/05/1994 Education & Training Beckton
PR240594 Picture Caption - First Nesting Box 24/05/1994 Ecology Isle of Dogs
PR250594 Chief Scout Opens Docklands Boat House 25/05/1994 Community Isle of Dogs
PR260594(a) Pupils Exhibit Computer Aided Designs 26/05/1994 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR260594(b) Kit and the Widow at Canary Wharf 26/05/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR310594 Poplar to Get New Health Centre 31/05/1994 Health Isle of Dogs
PR060694 Pupils Exhibit Own Computer Automated Models 06/06/1994 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR080694 Pupils Build Bridge To Tomorrow's Classroom Skills 08/06/1994 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR130694 Get on Your Bike in London Docklands 13/06/1994 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR140694 London Docklands Singers Play Regents Park 14/06/1994 Arts Docklandswide
PR160694 Fireworks and Music Mark Visit of Royal Yacht to London Docklands 16/06/1994 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR170694(a) Winsor Park Soil Testing 17/04/1994 Misc Beckton
PR170694(b) Pupils Build Bridge to Tomorow's Classroom Skills 17/04/1994 Education and Training Isle of Dogs
PR200694 Docklands Workers Bike to Work 20/06/1994 Events Docklandswide
PR210694(a) Developers Shortlisted for Royals Exhibition Centre 21/06/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR210694(b) Emergency Parking in London Docklands
21/06/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR230694 Summer Issue of Docklands Guide Now Out 23/06/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR240694 London Docklands Acknowledges Considerate Contractors 24/06/1994 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR280694 Emergency Parking in London Docklands 28/06/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR0794prog LDDC Land Sales 01/07/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR010794(a) Annual Report and Accounts 01/07/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR010794(b) Chilean Tall Ship Esmeralda Visits London Docklands
01/07/1994 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR040794(a) London Docklands Acknowledges Considerate Contractors 04/07/1994 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR040794(b) Tomorrow's Stars Perform at Half Moon Opening
04/07/1994 Arts Tower Hamlets
PR050794(a) LDDC Funding Helps to Secure Job Opportunities in Arts for Young East Enders 05/07/1994 Arts Docklandswide
PR050794(b) Emergency Parking in London Docklands
05/07/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR060794 Beormund Community Centre Celebrates 10th Year 06/07/1994 Community Bermondsey Riverside
PR070794 London Docklands Acknowledges Considerate Contractors 07/07/1994 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR080794(a) London Docklands Rolls Royce and Classic car Rally 08/07/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR080794(b) Radio Docklands Lauanches on the Airwaves
08/07/1994 Community
Isle of Dogs
PR110794(a) New Jobs and New Lettings Double in Docklands 11/07/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR110794(b) Beormund Community Centre Celebrates 10th Year 11/07/1994 Community Bermondsey Riverside
PR130794 Bones of Giant Praying Mantis Sculpture Rise above London Docklands 13/07/1994 Arts Royal Docks
PR140794 Companies Compete to Supply Combined Heat and Power to the Royal Docks 14/07/1994 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR190794 Wimpey Wins in West Silvertown 19/07/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR200794 London Docklands Sport Kite Festival 20/07/1994 Events Beckton
PR210794 Celebrity Opening for Flagship Education Project 21/07/1994 Education and Training Wapping
PR220794A LDDC Bill Gets Royal Assent 22/07/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR220794(a) Guides Spring Clean for Newts on Docklands' Farm 22/07/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR220794(b) LDDC Bill Gets Royal Assent 22/07/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR270794 Student Artists Create Sculpture park in Royal Docks 27/07/1994 Arts Royal Docks
PR280794 London Docklands Hosts International Guides' Meeting 28/07/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR290794 Docklands Home sales at Five Year High 29/07/1994 Housing Docklandswide
PR030894 Student Artists Create Sculpture Park In the Royal Docks 03/08/1994 Arts Royal Docks
PR040894 Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's the Euro Stack Kite Spectacle 04/08/1994 Events Beckton
PR050894 New Park Transforms the Heart of Historic Limehouse 05/08/1994 Environmental Schemes Limehouse
PR100894 Opening of Ropemakers Fields by Alan Titchmarch 10/08/1994 Environmental Schemes Limehouse
PR110894(a) Emergency Parking in London Docklands
11/08/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR110894(b) London to Hong Kong in a Double Decker Bus 11/08/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120894(a) New Park Transforms the Heart of Historic Limehouse 12/08/1994 Environmental Schemes Limehouse
PR120894(b) Parachuting Teddies in London Docklands
12/08/1994 Events Beckton
PR160894 Tasty Weekend in London Docklands 16/08/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR180894(a) Four New Bridges for London Docklands 18/08/1994 Infrastructure Bermondsey Riverside
PR180894(b) Limehouse Festival
18/08/1994 Events Limehouse
PR200894 Limehouse Celebrates New Life 20/08/1994 Events Limehouse
PR250894 Installation Artists Encamp in London Docklands 25/08/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR260894 Upswing in Docklands Home Building 26/08/1994 Housing Docklandswide
PR310894 Poplar Plays Host to Postman Pat 31/08/1994 Community Isle of Dogs
PR020994(a) Countdown Begins to Biggest Docklands Seafood Festival 02/09/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR020994(b) Docklands University College in Bid for Government Funding
02/09/1994 Education and Training
Royal Docks
PR060994 New Annexe Secures Brighter Future for London Docklands Nursery 06/09/1994 Community Isle of Dogs
PR090994 Fun and Games Kick Off Beckton's Agoraspace 09/09/1994 Community Beckton
PR100994 Celebrating in Style - London Docklands Biggest Seafood Fair 10/09/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120994 London Docklands Seafood Fair Extravaganza 12/09/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR130994 Artists Colonise London's Only Lighthouse 13/09/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR140994(a) Poplar Pub Pots First Prize in Docklands Bloom Competition 14/09/1994 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR140994(b) Artists Encamp at London's Only Lighthouse Pitch: Trinity Buoy Wharf 14/09/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR150994 New Landmark Bridge for London Docklands 15/09/1994 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR160994 Artists Colonise London's Only Lighthouse 16/09/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR170994 Corporates Urged to Go East to London Docklands 17/09/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR210994 Newham Students Turn Camera on Tomorrow's World Presenter 21/09/1994 Education and Training Newham
PR220994 College Success Celebrated at Newvic's Formal Opening 22/09/1994 Education and Training Newham
PR260994 Rescue Mounted for Rare Plants in London Docklands 26/09/1994 Ecology Tower Hamlets
PR300994 Hong Kong Investors Look to London Docklands 30/09/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR031094 Bids in for Royal Docks Exhibition Centre 03/10/1994 Developments Royal Docks
PR041094 London Docklands and Southwark Council Acknowledge Considerate Contractors 04/10/1994 Misc Southwark
PR051094(a) New Appointment to LDDC Board 05/10/1994 Staff Docklandswide
PR051094(b) Photo Opportunity - Minister Opens Prince Regent Bus Interchange
05/10/1994 Transport Royal Docks
PR071094(a) LDDC Completes Remit in Bermondsey Riverside 07/10/1994 Completion Bermondsey Riverside
PR071094(b) Minister Opens Important Bus/DLR Interchange in the Royals 07/10/1994 Transport Royal Docks
PR071094(c) Comedy Club Comes ot Loondon Docklands 07/10/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR101094(a) Children's Work Sealed in Time Capsule at New Docklands Primary School 10/10/1994 Education and Training Isle of Dogs
PR101094(b) Comedy Club Comes to London Docklands
10/10/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR121094 Young Persons Declaration on Drugs to be sent via Satellite to Aachen 12/10/1994 Community Docklandswide
PR141094 Style and Vision at Cabot Hall - Fashion First for London Docklands 14/10/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR171094 The World Travel Market is Your Oyster 17/10/1994 Events Docklandswide
PR191094 Striking Homes For Prime Riverside Site in London Docklands 19/10/1994 Housing Limehouse
PR201094 Rocket Around the Dock Returns to London Docklands 20/10/1994 Events Royal Docks
PR261094(a) Docklands Light Railway - Lewisham Extension - Press Statement 26/10/1994 Transport Docklandswide
PR261094(b) LDDC Hands on to Southwark Council the Regneration of Bermondsey Riverside
26/10/1994 Completion Bermondsey Riverside
PR311094 Newham City Farm Gets New Visitors Centre 31/10/1994 Community Beckton
PR041194 Comedy Club Comes to London Docklands 04/11/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR071194 LDDC and Tower Hamlets Join Forces to Refurbish East London Homes 07/11/1994 Housing Isle of Dogs
PR081194(a) More Money for the Arts in London Docklands 08/11/1994 Arts Docklandswide
PR081194(b) Style and Vision at Cabot Hall - A Fashion First for London Docklands 08/11/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR091194 Press Statement - Patricia Hunter and Others v the LDDC 09/11/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR101194 New Pontoon Bridge for Important Docklands Site 10/11/1994 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR111194 A Piano Forte Performance in London Docklands 11/11/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR151194 Take a Walk on the Waterside with the LDDC and FT 15/11/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR171194 Dutch Naval Visit 17/11/1994 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR211194(a) Building Bridges 21/11/1994 Events Docklandswide
PR211194(b) Local People Learn to Work on Water 21/11/1994 Education and Training Isle of Dogs
PR211194(c) London Docklands Goes Green 21/11/1994 Ecology Isle of Dogs
PR221194 On the Waterfront in London Docklands 22/11/1994 Infrastructure Docklandswide
PR231194 Children Uphold the Art of Tree Dressing for National Tree Week 23/11/1994 Education and Training Isle of Dogs
PR241194 Environment Minister Visits Docklands Flagship Ecology Project 24/11/1994 Ecology Newham
PR291194 Comedy Club Gets Last Laugh at London Docklands 29/11/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR301194 Docklands Market Remains Buoyant - More Lettings and Jobs Attracted 30/11/1994 Publicity Docklandswide
PR011294(a) Surveys Highlight Residents and Businesses Views of London Docklands 01/12/1994 Misc Docklandswide
PR011294(b) Flying High in London Docklands 01/12/1994 Events Isle of Dogs
PR021294 Comedy Club Gets Last Laugh at London Docklands 02/12/1994 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR061294 Statement - Royals University College and SRB Funding 06/12/1994 Education and Training Royal Docks
PR071294 LDDC Seeks Design Proposals for New Ecology Park Interpretative Centre 07/12/1994 Ecology Newham
PR121294 On the Waterfront in London Docklands 12/12/1994 Infrastructure Docklandswide
PR131294(a) Building Bridges 13/12/1994 Events Docklandswide
PR131294(b) Shortlist Announced for Royal Victoria Dock Footbridge 13/12/1994 Infrastructure Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR141294 London Docklands Responds to Norris Thames Usage Report 14/12/1994 Planning Docklandswide
PR201294 Plans for London's New International Exhibition Centre Advance 20/12/1994 Developments Royal Docks

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Number Title Date Category Location
PR090195 Royal Navy Warships Open to Public in London Docklands 09/01/1995 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR130195 Docklands Waterfront Venues in the Spotlight at Confex 95 13/01/1995 Events Docklandswide
PR190195 Cleaning Up the Tidal Thames 19/01/1995 Ecology Docklandswide
PR260195 Lord mayor Backs Horses' Appeal in the East End 26/01/1995 Community Beckton
PR270195(a) Lord mayor Backs Horses' Appeal in the East End 27/01/1995 Community Beckton
PR270195(b) Design Chosen for Landmark Building for London Docklands Flagship Ecology Park 27/01/199 Ecology Newham
PR020295 Take a Walk on the Waterside 02/02/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR080295 Comedy Club Carries On in London Docklands 08/02/1995 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR100295 Accord Funds New Youth Facilities on Isle of Dogs 10/02/1995 Community Isle of Dogs
PR150295 DLR Announces Shortlist of Bidders to Build Lewisham Extension 15/02/1995 Transport Docklandswide
PR210295 Youngsters Pioneer Farm Sensory Trail 21/02/1995 Community Surrey Docks
PR220295 London Docklands Wins Top Award 22/02/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR270295 A Mirthful March in London Docklands 27/02/1995 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR010395 Design Competition for the Capital's Largest New Riverside Park this Century 01/03/1995 Environmental Schemes Royal Docks
PR060395 Record Number of Exhibitors Expected at Docklands Business Club 1995 Exhibition 06/03/1995 Events Docklandswide
PR070395 Watch Out for London Marathon in Docklands 07/03/1995 Events Docklandswide
PR090395 Developer Selected for Docklands Retail Scheme 09/03/1995 Developments Surrey Docks
PR140395 Kids Will Just Love Docklands This Summer 14/03/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR160395 Boats Converge on Limehouse for Summer Festival 16/03/1995 Events Limehouse
PR200395 Training Initiative Puts Docklands Residents into Jobs 20/03/1995 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR220395(a) Survey Reveals Tourism Boost in London Docklands 22/03/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR220395(b) London Docklands - Unparalleled Interest for Visitors 22/03/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR230395 Cheaper, Environmentally Friendly Energy for the Royal Docks 23/03/1995 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR240395(a) Strides Ahead in 1995 - A Step by Step View of London Docklands Today 24/03/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR240395(b) Docklands Businesses Take to the Streets in the 1995 London Marathon 24/03/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR270395 Docklands Directory List 300 New Businesses 27/03/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR280395 April Fooling and May madness in London Docklands 28/03/1995 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR300395(a) Weekend Services on the Docklands Light Railway 30/03/1995 Transport Docklandswide
PR300395(b) Work Starts on New Docklands Footbridge 30/03/1995 Infrastructure Bermondsey Riverside
PR300395(c) Map Throws New Light n East London 30/03/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR070495 London Docklands - Perfect Arena for Good Food 07/04/1995 Events Docklandswide
PR110495 Shortlist Selected for Thames Barrier Park 11/04/1995 Environmental Schemes Royal Docks
PR180495 Casualty Star to Open Island Health 18/04/1995 Health Isle of Dogs
PR200495 Another Taste of Victory for Terence Conran at London Docklands Good Food Awards 20/04/1995 Events Docklandswide
PR260495 There's May Madness in London Docklands 26/04/1995 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR280495 "New Wave" Health Centre Boosts Services on the Isle of Dogs 28/04/1995 Health Isle of Dogs
PR290495 Equine Exodus in East London 29/04/1995 Community Beckton
PR010595 125 Year Old Ten Tonne Lock Opening Machinery Craned Out of London Docklands 01/05/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR020595 Equine Exodus in East London 02/05/1995 Community Beckton
PR050595 Portillo Pulls Pint with Whitbread Staff in Successful Docklands Training Scheme 05/05/1995 Education and Training Beckton
PR100595 "New Wave" Health Centre Boosts Services on the Isle of Dogs 10/05/1995 Health Isle of Dogs
PR110595 Docklands Continues to Attract Far East Interest 11/05/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR120595 Docklands on Television 12/05/1995 Ecology Isle of Dogs
PR150595(a) Crustacea to Land in London Docklands - There's Something Fishy Going On! 15/05/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR150595(c) 1995 Docklands in Bloom Competition will be Biggest and Brightest Ever 15/05/1995 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR160595 Listed Docklands Chapel Removed from "Buildings At Risk" Register 16/05/1995 Conservation Isle of Dogs
PR180595(a) Britain's Highest Kestrel Nesting Box Erected 750 feet Above London 18/05/1995 Ecology Isle of Dogs
PR180595(a) Major Renovation Programme Safeguards Docklands Heritage 18/05/1995 Conservation Docklandswide
PR190595 Campaigners Celebrate Removal of Listed Docklands Chapel from "Buildings At Risk" Register 19/05/1995 Conservation Isle of Dogs
PR230595 Royals Campus Will Boost East London Regeneration 23/05/1995 Education and Training Royal Docks
PR240595(a) LDDC Wins British Urban Regeneration Association Best Practice Award for Wapping 24/05/1995 Planning Wapping
PR240595(b) Horse Riding in the Heart of London Docklands 24/05/1995 Community Isle of Dogs
PR240595(c) A Royal Regatta In London Docklands 24/05/1995 Events Royal Docks
PR010695 Brits are Wimps When it Comes to Seafood 01/06/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR070695 Lowe Bell Wins Docklands Marketing Contract 07/06/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR080695(a) Sparks Will Fly in London Docklands for the Surrey Docks Farm Blacksmithing Festival 08/06/1995 Events Surrey Docks
PR080695(b) Summer Fun in London Dockland - Comedy Club at Canary Wharf 08/06/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120695(a) Local Community Welcomes Opening of New Sports Facilities 12/06/1995 Community Isle of Dogs
PR120695(b) Classic Cars at Canary Wharf 12/06/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120695(c) Limehouse Basin Festival. Summer Fun 12/06/1995 Events Limehouse
PR160695(a) On the Right Track in London Docklands 16/06/1995 Transport Docklandswide
PR160695(a) Docklands Takes Pride in Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus Tour 16/06/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR190695 Youth Regatta in London Docklands 19/06/1995 Events Royal Docks
PR200695 Richard Ellis's James Birkett Seconded to LDDC as Head of Land Development 20/06/1995 Staff Docklandswide
PR260695 National Audit Office - Limehouse Link 26/06/1995 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR270695(a) London Celebration to Mark Hydrographer's Bicentenary 27/06/1995 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR270695(b) The Oxford Canerata at St Anne's Limehouse 27/06/1995 Arts Limehouse
PR280695 Akabusi Opens Innovative Recreation Park in London Docklands 28/06/1995 Community Isle of Dogs
PR290695 "Freedom Afloat" Opens up Watersports for Disabled in London Docklands 29/06/1995 Watersports Isle of Dogs
PR030795 Annual Report and Accounts - Press Briefing 03/07/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR040795 Student Artists Create Sculpture Park in Royal Docks 04/07/1995 Arts Royal Docks
PR050795 Generations Meet at Island's "Magic" Garden 05/07/1995 Community Isle of Dogs
PR060795 Considerate Contractors Recognised by LDDC 06/07/1995 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR070795(a) Canary Wharf Classic cars 07/07/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR070795(b) Eat Drink and be Merry this Summer in London Docklands 07/07/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR070795(c) Ahoy There! A Weekend of Fun in Historic Limehouse Basin 07/07/1995 Events Limehouse
PR120795 Docklands Campus Drawings Unveiled as Private Sector Gives Backing 12/07/1995 Education and Training Royal Docks
PR130795 Emergency Parking in London Docklands 13/07/1995 Misc Docklandswide
PR140795(a) 1994/95 Annual Report and Accounts Published 14/07/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR140795(b) Bulletin - Docklands bouyant as Docklands workforce increases by 8000 Jobs and virtually all housing stock sold 14/07/1995 Publicity Docklandswide
PR170795 Emergency Parking in London Docklands 17/07/1995 Misc Docklandswide
PR180795 Sculpture at Tidal Basin Two - 13 July to 21 August 1995 18/07/1995 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR200795(a) It's the Summer of the Dragon in London Docklands 20/07/1995 Watersports Royal Docks
PR200795(b) Children Get Wise to Water with Docklands Youth Afloat 20/07/1995 Watersports Docklandswide
PR210795 Emergency Parking in London Docklands 21/07/1995 Misc Docklandswide
PR240795 Public Can See Rare Terns Nesting in London Docklands 24/07/1995 Ecology Isle of Dogs
PR270795(a) Winning Team Selected for New Thames Barrier Park 27/07/1995 Environmental Schemes Royal Docks
PR270795(b) Wimpey Signs for West Silvertown Urban Village 27/07/1995 Developments Royal Docks
PR010895 London's New Exhibition Centre to Create More than 14,000 New Jobs 01/08/1995 Developments Royal Docks
PR040895(a) Sky Dancing in London Docklands 01/08/1995 Events Beckton
PR040895(b) Centre will become the Heart of Beckton 01/08/1995 Community Beckton
PR070895 Kids Will Just Love Docklands This Summer 07/08/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR080895 The Royals - A Bridge to the Future 08/08/1995 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR090895 The London Docklands Seafood Fair - There's Something Fishy Going On! 09/08/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR180895 London Docklands Festival of Good Food and Music Presents "Cities and Water" Exhibition 18/08/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR220895 Come and Have Fun in London Docklands at the Island Water Festival 22/08/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR250895 Fun for the Family at the London Docklands Festival of Good Food and Music 25/08/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR300895 Local Traffic News from the LDDC - Rotherhithe Tunnel Closure Update 30/08/1995 Transport Docklandswide
PR040995 London Docklands Provides New Perspective for Listed Warehouses 04/09/1995 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR060995(a) Poplar Pub Pots First Prize in Docklands Bloom Competition for the Second Year Running 06/09/1995 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR060995(b) Photographs on the DLR 06/09/1995 Arts Docklandswide
PR070995 New £11million Pumping Station for London Docklands 07/09/1995 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR080995 The Search is on for London's Top Eel and Oyster Eaters at the London Docklands Seafood Fair 08/09/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR090995 Fun for the Family at the London Docklands Festival of Good Food and Music 09/09/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120995(a) London Docklands Indoor Kite Festival 12/09/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120995(b) The all American Dream comes to London Docklands 12/09/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR150995 Cockney Comedy King Tops the Bill at London Docklands Island Day 15/09/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR180995 Works on Paper - Sue Arrowsmith 18/09/1995 Arts Limehouse
PR190995 LDDC and Newham Council Sign Agreement on Beckton 19/09/1995 Completion Beckton
PR021095 A Day Out in London Docklands 02/10/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR031095 LDDC Welcomes Canary Wharf Sale Agreement 03/10/1995 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR041095 Random Dance Company Performs "Urgent" 04/10/1995 Arts Royal Docks
PR061095(a) Dragon Boats Come to London Docklands for Spectacular National Final 06/10/1995 Watersports Isle of Dogs
PR061095(b) Autumn Antics at London Docklands - The Comedy Club at Cabot Hall 06/10/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR091095 Surrey Quays Town Centre Takes Shape 09/10/1995 Developments Surrey Docks
PR121095 Press Statement - Patricia Hunter and Others v the LDDC 12/10/1995 Misc Docklandswide
PR241095 East London Aims for "Tourism Town of the Year" Accolade 24/10/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR251095(a) LDDC Select Lifschutz Davidson Design for the Royal Dock Footbridge 25/10/1995 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR251095(b) Developer Selected for Prominent Riverside Site in Wapping 25/10/1995 Developments Wapping
PR271095 Laughter Alert 27/10/1995 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR301095 LDDC Welcomes City Airport's New Owner 30/10/1995 Transport Airport
PR021195(a) Docklands Gets the Stamp of Approval from Flamenco Maestro 02/11/1995 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR021195(b) Room in Docklands to London "Hotel Crisis" 02/11/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR081195(a) London Docklands Goes to World Travel Market with Record Visitor Numbers 08/11/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR081195(b) LDDC Award Contract for New Landmark Footbridge in London Docklands 08/11/1995 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR131195 Drink in Docklands' Waterside Scene 13/11/1995 Tourism Docklandswide
PR271195 O Come All Ye Faithful to London Docklands this Christmas 27/11/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR291195 LDDC Awards Contract for New Floating Pedestrian Bridge in London Docklands 29/11/1995 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR011295 Festive Fun for London Docklands This Christmas 01/12/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR061295 Docklands Celebrates with Pioneering Light Show 06/12/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR071295 LDDC Completes Regeneration Remit in Beckton 07/12/1995 Completion Beckton
PR121295 Government to Fund Technology Centre - Royals University College One Step Nearer 12/12/1995 Education and Training Royal Docks
PR131295 A Light in Docklands Preview 13/12/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR181295 Docklands Celebrates with Pioneering Light Show 18/12/1995 Events Isle of Dogs
PR271295 LDDC Welcomes Canary Wharf Sale as Docklands Lettings Top 1 Million Sq Feet 27/12/1995 Developments Isle of Dogs

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Number Title Date Category Location
PR050196(a) Melt the Ice this January with a Laugh in London Docklands 05/01/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR050196(b) Seven Days Left to Catch the Docklands Light Show 05/01/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR050196(c) Children Praised as Light Show Draws to a Close 05/01/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR090196 Mowlem Facilities Management Wins Docklands Estates Maintenance management Contract 09/01/1996 Misc Docklandswide
PR100196 Listed Building Consent for Thames Tunnel 10/01/1996 Conservation Wapping
PR180196 Tour London Docklands by DLR 18/01/1996 Transport Docklandswide
PR230196 Water, Water Everywhere…Just Drop into Docklands for a Drink! 23/01/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR250196 Introducing the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival 25/01/1996 Arts Docklandswide
PR010296 New Life Pumps Back into Wapping Landmark 01/02/1996 Arts Wapping
PR050296 Sir Terence Conran Puts Trainees Through their Paces at London's Newest Chef School 05/02/1996 Education and Training Bermondsey Riverside
PR090296 February Fun in London Docklands 09/06/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR120296 New Chef School Set to Become Capital's Centre of Cookery Excellence 12/02/1996 Education and Training Bermondsey Riverside
PR200296 HRH The Princess Royal Opens Docklands Equestrian Centre 20/02/1996 Community Beckton
PR260296A Chinese New Year in London Docklands 26/02/1996 Events Isle of Dogs
PR260296B Appeal Fund Launched for Docklands Community Bomb Victims 26/02/1996 Community Isle of Dogs
PR270296(a) Docklands' Message to Confex - We're Back to Work" 27/02/1996 Events Docklandswide
PR270296(b) Visitors See London Docklands in Record Numbers 27/02/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR270296(c) Environment Secretary Unveils "Exotic Cargo" in London Docklands 27/02/1996 Arts Bermondsey Riverside
PR180396 Footbridge Opening Marks Completion of Docklands' Thames Path 18/03/1996 Infrastructure Limehouse
PR200396 Water, Water Everywhere…Just Drop into Docklands for a Drink! 20/03/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR270396(a) Optimism for Docklands Tourism 27/03/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR270396(b) Lord and Author Celebrate Opening of New Island School 27/03/199 Education and Training Isle of Dogs
PR280396 Lord and Author Celebrate Opening of New Island School 28/03/1996 Education and Training Isle of Dogs
PR020496(a) New Social Housing Secured in West Silvertown Urban Village 02/04/1996 Housing Royal Docks
PR020496(b) Health Secretary to open new Docklands Health Centre 02/04/1996 Health Isle of Dogs
PR150496 Greenwich and Docklands International Festival Theatre 1996 15/04/1996 Arts Docklandswide
PR160496 Marathon Runners Tread New Ground in  Docklands (Aftermath of Docklands Bomb) 16/04/1996 Events Docklandswide
PR170496 Business Directory Reflects Confidence in London Docklands 17/04/1996 Publicity Docklandswide
PR190496(a) Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs, E14, Re-opens to Traffic from Monday 22nd April 1996 19/04/1996 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR190496(b) Marathon Runners Tread New Ground in  Docklands 19/04/1996 Events Docklandswide
PR230496 Expanded Arts Festival Promises Lively Docklands Debut 23/04/1996 Arts Docklandswide
PR290496 Tickle Your Taste Buds at London's First Ever Taste Fest 29/04/1996 Events Docklandswide
PR010596(a) American Impro Comes to Canary Wharf - via Amsterdam 01/05/1996 Events Docklandswide
PR010596(b) Time Travel for Tourists with the DLR 01/05/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR170596(a) Traditional Chinese Blessing - "Dragon's Gate - a New Public Art Work 17/05/1996 Arts Limehouse
PR170596(b) Health Minister Updates Businesses on Disablity Legislation 17/05/1996 Health Docklandswid
PR200596(a) Chinese Dragons Take Off in London Docklands 20/05/1996 Arts Limehouse
PR200596(b) Marsh Wall and DLR Re-open 20/05/1996 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR230596 Health Minister Celebrates Redevelopment of Docklands Health Centre 23/05/1996 Health Royal Docks
PR280596(a) East London's Hidden Side Revealed in Days Out Guide 28/05/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR280596(a) East London Guide Yields Shopping Surprises 28/05/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR290596 Third Time Lucky for Terence Conran at London Docklands Good Food Awards 29/05/1996 Events Docklandswide
PR310596 Transport Minister "On His Bike" in Docklands for National Bike to Work Day 31/05/1996 Events Docklandswide
PR040696 What a Party (Docklands Learning Acceleration Project) 04/06/1996 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR060696 Young People's Resource Centre Opens in Beckton 06/06/1996 Community Beckton
PR110696(a) Docklands Literacy Pupils Reach for Sky High Standards 11/06/1996 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR110696(b) Rally Round to London Docklands for a Classic Car Treat 11/06/1996 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120696 There's an Isle of Adventure for Kids in London Docklands 12/06/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR130696 Lamarr is Back for a Laugh in London Docklands 13/06/1996 Arts Docklandswide
PR140696 The World's Your Oyster in London Docklands 14/06/1996 Events Isle of Dogs
PR270696(a) Free Have-a-Go Sessions Launch New Youth Club 27/06/1996 Community Limehouse
PR270696(b) Rally Round to London Docklands for a Classic Car Treat 27/06/1996 Events Isle of Dogs
PR280696 Contemporary Light Works Illuminate Docklands 28/06/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR040796 Kids Climb to Dizzy Heights to Launch New Limehouse Youth Club 04/07/1996 Community Limehouse
PR080796(a) Press Briefing - LDDC 1995/96 Annual Report and Accounts 08/07/1996 Publicity Docklandswide
PR080796(b) Don't Chill Out in the Docks this Summer 08/07/1996 Community Docklandswide
PR100796 Considerate Contractors Recognised by LDDC 10/07/1996 Misc Docklandswide
PR110696 Disappointment at Hermitage Riverside Decision 11/06/1996 Planning Wapping
PR140796 Rally Round to London Docklands for a Classic Car Treat 14/07/1996 Events Isle of Dogs
PR150796 1995/96 Annual Report and Accounts Published 15/07/1996 Publicity Docklandswide
PR180796 River Plants Rescued Prior to Refurbishment Work 18/07/1996 Conservation Royal Docks
PR270796 Winning Team Selected for New Thames Barrier Winning Team Selected for Thames Barrier Park 27/07/1996 Environmental Schemes Royal Docks
PR300796 Walk London Docklands - By Train! 30/07/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR020896 Major Pharmaceutical Company Choose London's Royal Docks for London Headquarters 02/08/1996 Developments Royal Docks
PR080896 DLR Prize Boosts Community Arts 08/08/1996 Arts Docklandswide
PR210896 Children Get Wise to Water with Docklands Youth Afloat 21/08/1996 Watersports Docklandswide
PR220896 Deeply Dippy About the London Docklands Seafood Fair 22/08/1996 Events Isle of Dogs
PR300896 Sir Anthony Caro Unveils Salome Gates in London Docklands 30/08/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR020996 Perrier Award Winner Dylan Moran Brings Sparkling Wit to London Docklands 02/09/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR030996(a) London's Only Lighthouse Proposed As Arts Venue 03/09/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR030996(b) Salome Gates Unveiled in London Docklands 03/09/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR040996 The Search is on for London's Top Eel and Oyster Eaters at the London Docklands Seafood Fair 04/09/1996 Events Isle of Dogs
PR050996 LDDC Welcomes Revised Proposals for Hermitage Riverside 05/09/1996 Planning Wapping
PR270996(a) Deputy Prime Minister to Start Work on DLR Lewisham Extension 27/09/1996 Transport Docklandswide
PR270996(b) Michael Heseltine Opens the Capital's Newest Bridge in London Docklands 27/09/1996 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR300996(a) New Floating Bridge Links Canary Wharf with West India Quay in London Docklands 30/09/1996 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR300996(b) Discover New London 30/09/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR300996(c) Explore Hidden London in the Steps of Dickens 30/09/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR041096 London Docklands Brings a Smile to Your Face 04/10/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR101096 30 Dragons in Docklands Contest 10/10/1996 Watersports Isle of Dogs
PR181086 Ian McKellan Marks Return to London Stage with Solo Show at New Docklands Venue 18/10/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR211096 Press Statement - Patricia Hunter and Others v the LDDC 21/10/1996 Misc Docklandswide
PR291096 Hermitage Scheme a Significant Opportunity for Wapping 29/10/1996 Planning Wapping
PR311096 Come to a "Korking" Night Out in London Docklands 31/10/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR011196 Environment Secretary Marks Progress at Urban Village 01/11/1996 Developments Royal Docks
PR061196(a) Environment Secretary Marks Start of Work on New Homes at Urban Village 06/11/1996 Developments Royal Docks
PR061196(b) Check Out the Cool Destination for Hit Travellers 06/11/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR061196(c) Balcony Blooms Win Docklands Businessman First Prize 06/11/1996 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR061196(d) Considerate Contractors Recognised by LDDC 06/11/1996   Docklandswide
PR081196 Record Residential Sales for London Docklands 08/11/1996 Housing Docklandswide
PR111196 Whale Spotted Heading for London Docklands 11/11/1996 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR151196 Docklands Dining Pleasures Revealed by Revealed by New Guide 15/11/1996 Tourism Docklandswide
PR211196 The Space Launches its Christmas Season 1996 21/11/1996 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR291196 DLR Presents Light Show Award to Community Arts 29/11/1996 Arts Docklandswide
PR03296 Apha Grove Computer Courses Help in Search for Jobs 03/12/1996 Education and Training Isle of Dogs
PR041296 Lottery and LDDC Fund International Rowing Course in East London 04/12/1996 Watersports Royal Docks
PR061296 Docklands Learning Acceleration Project - Evaluation 06/12/1996 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR171296 LDDC Completes Regeneration Remit in Surrey Docks 17/12/1996 Completion Surrey Docks
PR201296 LDDC and Southwark Sign Agreement on Surrey Docks 20/12/1996 Completion Surrey Docks

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