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Number Title
Category Location
PR020191 Visit by Roger Freeman MP, Minister of State for Transport 03/01/1991 Visits Surrey Docks
PR040191 Visit by Roger Freeman MP, Minister of State for Transport 04/01/1991 Visits Surrey Docks
PR080191 Bishop of Southwark lays Foundation Stone for Bacon's College 08/01/1991 Education & Training Surrey Docks
PR110191 Run Fun in the Streets 11/01/1991 Events Surrey Docks
PR120191 Bishop of Southwark lays Foundation Stone for Bacon's College 12/01/1991 Education & Training Surrey Docks
PR170191 London Docklands: The Capital's Growing Tourist Attraction 17/01/1991 Tourism Docklandswide
PR240191 Isle of Dogs Considerate Contractor Scheme - New Award for Innovation 21/01/1991 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR280191(a) Faith and Economic Focus on London Docklands 28/01/1991 Policy Docklandswide
PR280191(a) New Look LDDC to Meet the Challenge of the Nineties
28/01/1991 Staff
PR050291 MP from Down Under Looks Up to London Docklands 05/02/1991 Visits Wapping
PR060291 Malcolm Rifkind at Docklands Big Lift 06/02/1991 Transport Docklandswide
PR080291(a) LDDC Announces New Chief Executive 08/02/1991 Staff Docklandswide
PR080291(b) Housing Task Forces Finishes the Job 08/02/91 Housing Limehouse
PR120291 Michael Heseltine Greets LDDC's New Chief Executive 12/02/1991 Visits Docklandswide
PR130291 Sir George Young Bt MP Commemorates Completion of Roche Estate Refurbishment 13/02/1991 Housing Limehouse
PR140291 Multi Million Pound Housing Refurbishment Commemorated by Housing Minister 14/02/1991 Housing Limehouse
PR150291 Cash Boost for Basic Skills in Docklands 15/02/1991 Education & Training
PR180291 London Docklands wins Edwin Williams Memorial Award for the Second Year 18/02/1991 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR010391(a) Back to the Future for Satellite Education 01/03/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR010391(b) Catering for Commuters - New Coach Service for London Docklands
01/03/1991 Trasnport Docklandswide
PR050391 Back to the Future for Satellite Education 05/03/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR060391 Tooley Street Designated a Conservation Area 06/03/1991 Planning Bermondsey Riverside
PR140391(a) Calling All Budding Gardeners in London Docklands 14/03/1991 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR140391(b) Work Starts on New Stableblock at Mudchute Farm
14/03/1991 Community Isle of Dogs
PR140391(c) London Docklands Launches River Guide at Moot 91
14/03/1991 Tourism Docklandswide
PR150391(a) Transport Transformation in London Docklands 15/03/1991 Transport Docklandswide
PR150391(b) LDDC Staff on the Ropes Raise over £200 for Comic Relief 15/03/1991 Events Docklandswide
PR180391(A) LDDC boasts miles of waterfront through new tourist film 18/03/1991 Tourism Docklandswide
PR180391(B) Work Starts on Stable Block at Mudchute Farm 18/03/1991 Community Isle of Dogs
PR190391 Open Day for Homebuyers Proves a Success 19/03/1991 Housing Surrey Docks
PR150491 London Docklands to be First Port of Call for Royal Navy Submarine 15/04/1991 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR170491(a) London Docklands River Guide Launched at Moot '91 17/04/1991 Tourism Docklandswide
PR170491(b) Making Waves at the Moot '91

17/04/1991 Tourism Docklandswide
PR170491(c) Crown Prince Philp of Belgium Visits London Docklands 17/04/1991 Events Tower Hamlets
PR180491(a) Tourism Minister Visits London Docklands 18/04/1991 Visits Docklandswide
PR180491(b) Economic and Social Councils of the Member States of the European Community visit London Docklands
18/04/1991 Visits Docklandswide
PR240491 Jelly, Bunting and Balloons mark the Opening of Refurbished Park 24/04/1991 Environmental Schemes Bermondsey Riverside
PR250491 Baltimore Clipper Sails into London Docks 25/04/1991 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR030591(a) London Docklands Gets Snappy 03/05/1991 Arts Docklandswide
PR030591(b) Spring Issue of London Docklands Touriesm News Now Out
03/05/1991 Tourism Docklandswide
PR030591(b) LDDC Annual Report and Accounts 1990/91 03/05/1991 Publicity  
PR030591(d) LDDC Hits Back at Criticism on Funding of Chrisp Street Market 03/05/1991 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR030591(e) Minister Launces New Health Leaflet for London Docklands 03/05/1991 Health Docklandswide
PR080591(1) New Survey Reveals Dramatic Growth in London Docklands 08/05/1991 Misc Docklandswide
PR080591(2) London Docklands Launches Arts Action Programme
08/05/1991   Docklandswide
PR080591(3) LDDC Grant Secures Social Housing in Beckton
08/05/1991 Housing Beckton
PR080591(4) Hithe Point: First Phase of Social Housing Scheme now Completed 08/05/1991 Housing Surey Docks
PR130591 Hithe Point: First Phase of Social Housing Scheme now Completed 13/05/1991 Housing Surrey Docks
PR140591 Local School Views Progress on Limehouse Link 14/05/1991 Visits Tower Hamlets
PR170591(a) London Docklands Launches Basic Skills Support Team 17/05/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR170591(b) Warren Mitchell to Open New Community, Education and Arts Centre
17/05/1991 Community Wapping
PR220591 Rewards in Store for Docklands' Gardeners 22/05/1991 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR240591 Warren Mitchell Opens New Community, Education and Arts Centre 24/05/1991 Community Wapping
PR280591 Seven Sculptors Take a Sideways Look at London Docklands 28/05/1991 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR290591 LDDC Head "Swings" in to Open New Isle of Dogs Playground 29/05/1991 Community Isle of Dogs
PR300591 LDDC:  The Driving Force Behind Building Conservation 30/05/1991 Planning Isle of Dogs
PR040691 New Bridge to be Erected as part of Lower Lea Crossing Works 04/06/1991 Transport Docklandswide
PR070691(a) Pupils Call for Louder Voice in English Classroom 07/06/1991 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR070691(b) London Docklands Sets out Standards on Building Accessibility
07/06/1991 Planning Docklandswide
PR110691 Teleshopping in Newham Gets a 90,000 Boost 11/06/1991 Community Newham
PR120691 Docklands Ahoy!  A Fleet of Naval Visits Lines up for the Summer 12/06/1991 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR170691 Surrey Quays 2.5 Million for new Homes 17/06/1991 Housing Surrey Docks
PR200691 Docklands Computer Aided Learning (DCAL) Project 20/06/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR240691 Michael Portillo Sees Progress at the Limehouse Link to Docklands 24/06/1991 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR250691 London Docklands Honours a Decade of Achievement 25/06/1991 Events Docklandswide
PR260691 Arts Minister Tours Isle of Dogs Sculptures 26/06/1991 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR270691 Limehouse Link to Docklands - Taking Shape and on Schedule 27/06/1991 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR280691 Environment Minister Visits London Docklands 28/06/1991 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR020791(1) London Docklands 1981-1991: A Decade of Achievement 02/07/1991 Publicity Docklandswide
PR020791(2) London Docklands Honours a Decade of Achievement 02/07/92 Events Docklandswide
PR020791(3) London Docklands Schools Online for the Future 02/07/92 Education and Training Docklandswide
PR020791(4) LDDC Annual Report and Financial Statements 1990/91 02/07/92 Publicity Docklandswide
PR090791(a) 3m Bonus for SPLASH Estates 09/07/1991 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR090791(b) Second Annual Isle of Dogs Considerate Contractor Scheme Winners Announced 09/07/1991 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR090791(c) New Docklands Education and Training Newsletter Announced 09/07/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR150791 Environment Minister Buries Time Capsule at Tower Hamlets College Extension 15/07/1991 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR160791 BT "Taps" into Training in London Docklands 16/07/1991 Education & Training Surrey Docks
PR170791 Proposed Helipad at Trinity Buoy Wharf 17/07/1991 Planning Isle of Dogs
PR180791 Environment Minister "Marks" Time at Tower Hamlets College 18/07/1991 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR190791 Dr Salter's Daydream: unveiling 19/07/1991 Arts Bermondsey Riverside
PR220791 "Tapping" into Training in London Docklands 22/07/1991 Education & Training Surrey Docks
PR240791(a) Charity Weekend for Families of Tragic Firemen 24/07/1991 Events Docklandswide
PR240791(b) Dr Salter's Daydream Unveiled
24/07/1991 Events Bermondsey Riverside
PR250791 LDDC Launches Report on Special Training Needs 25/07/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR260791 Snappy Focus on Docklands Life 26/07/1991 Arts Docklandswide
PR310791 Altering and Extending Your House in London Docklands 31/07/1991 Planning Docklandswide
PR020791 London Docklands welcomes the Fourth International Festival of Street Music 02/08/1991 Arts Docklandswide
PR070891 Modern Gallery Artists on show in London Docklands 07/08/1991 Arts Wapping
PR150891 International Street Music in London Docklands 15/08/1991 Arts Docklandswide
PR160891 Senator Graham to Drive First Pile for Environmental Windmill 16/08/1991 Environmental Schemes Surrey Docks
PR190891 Florida's Senator Bob Graham to Visit London Docklands 19/08/1991 Visits Docklandswide
PR220891 The Do's and Don'ts of Extending Your House 22/08/1991 Planning Docklandswide
PR280891a Former Wetbike Champion Promotes Sports for Disabled People 28/08/1991 Events Royal Docks
PR280891b Brand New Image for Island Shopping Precinct 28/08/1991 Environmental Schemes Isle of Dogs
PR020991 London Docklands Construction Disruption Claim Rejected 02/09/1991 Misc Docklandswide
PR040991 Art Exhibition at Tobacco Dock 04/09/1991 Arts Wapping
PR060991 Docklands in Bloom Prizegiving 06/09/1991 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR080991 Oh to Swallow a Jellied Eel 08/09/1991 Events Isle of Dogs
PR100991 Flower Power Alive in London Docklands 10/09/1981 Environmental Schemes Isle of Dogs
PR110991 Cash Boost for Ninety Docklands Community Groups 11/09/1991 Community Docklandswide
PR180991 Newspaper Highlights Training Opportunities in London Docklands 18/09/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR190991(a) Norma Major Visits London Docklands Charity Exhibition 19/09/1991 Visits Wapping
PR190991(b) Major Gallery Artists on Show in London Docklands
19/09/1991 Events Wapping
PR190991(c) LDDC New Chairman from March 1992
19/09/1991 Staff Docklandswide
PR230991 London Docklands Enterprise Zone Still Offers Special Benefits for Investors 23/09/1991 Enterprise Zone Isle of Dogs
PR260991(a) Michael Portillo to Open Docklands ITEC 29/09/1991 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR260991(b) "Olde Worlde", The Caraway Installation
29/09/1991 Arts Bermondsey Riverside
PR270991(1) Opening up the Waterfront in London Docklands 27/09/1991 Planning Docklandswide
PR270991(2) London Docklands Jubilant Over Major Inquiry Decisions 27/09/1991 Transport Royal Docks
PR300991 Official Opening of Docklands ITEC 30/09/1991 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR021091 Inner City Minister Opens Major Training Facility in Docklands 02/10/1991 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR031091 Inner City Minister Opens Major Training Facility in Docklands 03/10/1991 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR101091(a) LDDC Welcomes Consultants for East Thames Corridor 10/10/1991 Planning Docklandswide
PR101091(b) Channel Tunnel, Link via Stratford
10/10/1991 Transport Docklandswide
PR111091 UK's Most Ambitious Schools Computer Networking Project Now Complete 11/10/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR151091 Children's TV Presenter Hands Over Computer Network System to Docklands Primary Schools 15/10/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR161091 Docklands Charities to Receive Grant Aid Presentation of Money Raised by Docklands Telethon 16/10/1991 Community Docklandswide
PR171091 Docklands Primary School Boot into the Future 17/10/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR181091 London Docklands Water Quality Study and Computer Model 18/10/1991 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR221091 ITV Telethon Gives Staggering 1.4m to Local Groups in Three Docklands Boroughs 22/10/1991 Community Docklandswide
PR281091 Brian Catling at the Lighthouse 28/10/1991 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR201091 LDDC to Appeal 29/10/1991 Misc Limehouse
PR111191 LDDC Welcomes Proposal for Change of Control Over the DLR 11/11/1991 Transport Docklandswide
PR141191(a) Maintenance Work Required In Hermitage Basin 14/11/1991 Infrastructure Wapping
PR141191(b) Public Invited to Visit NATO Ships in London Docklands
14/11/1991 Visits Docklandswide
PR151191 Mayor to Open Wapping Youth Club 15/11/1991 Community Wapping
PR181191(a) London's "World" Future at Stake 18/11/1991 Planning Docklandswide
PR181191(b) Media Briefing - New Docklands Employment Survey
18/11/1991 Publicity
PR191191 Satro Bus to be Equipped for the International Year of Space 19/11/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR201191 NATO Ships Cruise into London Docklands 20/11/1991 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR221191(a) Strategy Points the Way Forward for Basic Skills Training in Docklands 22/11/1991 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR221191(b) SavaCentre at Beckton
22/11/1991 Developments
PR221191(c) New Sculpture ot be Unveiled at Cumberland Whard, Rotherhithe
22/11/1991 Arts Surrey Docks
PR251191 London Docklands: More Jobs, More Training, Unemployment Rate Falls 25/11/1991 Planning Docklandswide
PR261191(a) Japanese Ambassador to Visit London Docklands 26/11/1991 Visits Docklandswide
PR261191(b) Roger Squire Appointed to Top LDDC Investment and Development Post
26/11/1991 Staff Docklandswide
PR281191 LDDC Chief Executive Eric Sorensen Invites You to Meet Roger Squire 28/11/1991 Staff Docklandswide
PR291191 Island Toddlers Set Off Construction Work on new One O'clock Club 29/11/1991 Community Isle of Dogs
PR061291(a) Symposium Considers What London Must Do to Ensure its Success 06/12/1991 Planning Docklandswide
PR061291(b) Closure of London Arena
06/12/1991 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR101291(a) Heseltine Opens Lower Lea Crossing Three Months Early 10/12/1991 Transport Docklandswide
PR101291(b) Study Commissioned to Plan Ahead for Docklands Social Services
10/12/1991 Community Docklandswide
PR111291 Refurbishment Begins at Barleymow Veterans' Club 11/12/1991 Community Limehouse
PR131291(a) New Guides Explore Docklands Urban Landscapes 13/12/1991 Publicity Docklandswide
PR131291(b) Freeman Opens Lower Lea Crossing 13/12/1991 Transport Docklandswide

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Number Title Date Category Location
PR030192 St Vincent's Site - Future 03/01/1992 Housing Limehouse
PR140192 Lord Mayor Goes East 14/01/1992 Visits Docklandswide
PR170192 London's Lord Mayor Goes East 17/01/1992 Visits Docklandswide
PR180192 Estates Security Contract 18/01/1992 Misc Docklandswide
PR200192 Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre to Host Free Dragons Open Day 20/01/1992 Watersports Isle of Dogs
PR220192(a) Winter Issue of Multi Lingual Docklands Training Newspaper Now Out 22/01/1992 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR220192(b) Bishop of London Opens Stepney Youth Drigs Project
22/01/1992 Health Tower Hamlets
PR230192 London Docklands - Through the Eyes of the Locals 23/01/1992 Tourism Docklandswide
PR280192(a) Watersports Courses in London Docklands 28/01/1992 Watersports Isle of Dogs
PR280192(b) Barclays Opens New Extended Banking Hall
28/01/1992 MIsc Isle of Dogs
PR030292 New Bus Link for Leamouth 03/02/1992 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR040292(a) The Surrey Docks Opportunity 04/02/1992 Developments Surrey Docks
PR040292(b) Leading Advertising Man Appointed to LDDCBoard
04/02/1992 Staff Docklandswide
PR050292 Tourists Give Thumbs Up to London Docklands 05/02/1992 Tourism Docklandswide
PR060292 LDDC Restructures Limehouse Link Management Organisation 06/02/1992 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR1202892 Singaporeans Back For Second Visit to London Docklands 12/02/1992 Visits Docklandswide
PR170292 Sir George Young to Open Docklands Social Housing Scheme 17/02/1992 Housing Beckton
PR190292(a) Barry Shaw's Future Designs 19/02/1992 Staff Docklandswide
PR190292(b) Model Social Housing in London Docklands(Windor Park) 19/02/1992 Housing Beckton
PR200292 Elizabeth Filkin to leave the LDDC 20/02/1992 Staff Docklandswide
PR210292 London Docklands at Property Business Show 21/02/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR250292 London Docklands on Show to the World at Exp 92 25/02/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR260292(1) LDDC Vision for the Royal Docks 26/02/1992 Planning Royal Docks
PR260292(2) Watersports Galore in the Heart of London's newest Business District  26/02/1992 Watersports Isle of Dogs
PR260292(3) LDDC in Total Control of Model Demolition Site 26/02/1992 Misc Limehouse
PR270292 Surrey Docks Opportunity 27/02/1992 Publicity Surrey Docks
PR050392(a) New LDDC Chairman to Launch Local Business Directory 05/03/1992 Publicity Docklandswide
PR050392(b) £2m Impact on the Docklands Environment 05/03/1992 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR090392 Removal of Overhead Power Lines in London Docklands - Unique Hearing Starts 09/03/1992 Infrastructure Beckton
PR010492(a) A New London Destination Attracting Record Numbers of Visitors 01/04/1992 Tourism Docklandswide
PR010492(b) Change of ownership for Docklands Light Railway 01/04/1992 Transport Docklandswide
PR010492(c) London Docklands at EXPO 92 01/04/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR010492(d) LDDC Note on Heron Quays Planning Consent 01/04/1992 Planning Isle of Dogs
PR020492 A Shot in the Arm for Docklands Health 02/04/1992 Health Docklandswide
PR060492 LDDC Announces Limehouse Link Public Art Competition 06/05/1992 Arts Tower Hamlets
PR080492 King Edward Memorial Park 08/04/1992 Environmental Schemes Wapping
PR240492(a) Spring  Issue of Docklands Training Newspaper Now Out 24/04/1992 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR240492(b) Holding Statement on Impairment of TV Reception Along the Lea Valley
24/04/1992 Community Tower Hamlets
PR290492 TV Presenter Chris Packham Officially Open Canada Water Pump 29/04/1992 Environmental Schemes Surrey Docks
PR060592 London Docklands Enterprise Zones Ends 06/05/1992 Enterprise Zone Isle of Dogs
PR080592 New Minister Counts Down to Tunnel Opening 08/05/1992 Visits Tower Hamlets
PR130592 Urban Butterfly Sanctuary is a UK First 13/05/1992 Environmental Schemes Surrey Docks
PR180592(a) "Medics" Star Opens Refurbished Wapping Health Centre 18/05/1992 Health Wapping
PR180592(b) New Bus and Cycle-Only Link is Opened
18/05/1992 Transport Royal Docks
PR280592 LDDC Statement of Olympia and York 28/05/1992 Canary Wharf Isle of Dogs
PR010692 LDDC Positive about the Future of London Docklands - Canary Wharf and Jubilee Line 01/06/1992 Canary Wharf Isle of Dogs
PR050692(a) World's First Floating Theatre Arrives in London Docklands 05/06/1992 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR050692(b) Barley Mow Refurbishment Programme to be Launched on 5th June 05/06/1992 Housing Limehouse
PR050692(c) New Stable Block is Officially Opened at Mudchute and Farm 05/06/1992 Community Isle of Dogs
PR050692(d) New Pub Guide Spotlights London Docklands Watering Holes 05/06/1992 Tourism Docklandswide
PR090692 New Stable Block is Officially Opened at Mudchute and Farm 09/06/1992 Community Isle of Dogs
PR190692 Eastenders' Star Takes to the Dance Floor at the Reopening of the Barley Mow Veterens' Club 19/06/1992 Community Limehouse
PR240692 Limehouse Link Public Art Competition 24/06/1992 Arts Tower Hamlets
PR290692 Winners Announced for 1992 Isle of Dogs Considerate Contractor Scheme 29/06/1992 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR300692(a) 11Million Infrastructure Contract Awarded in London Docklands 30/06/1992 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR300692(b) Cash Contribution Keeps Riverbus Afloat
30/06/1992 Transport Docklandswide
PR060792 These Fragments we have Shored against our Ruins 06/07/1992 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR070792 Winners Announced for 1992 Isle of Dogs Considerate Contractor Scheme 07/07/1992 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR080792(a) Fun and Free Waterskiing at Royal Docks Waterski Club 08/07/1992 Watersports Royal Docks
PR080792(b) "Carnival" of Animals to be Unveiled by Emmerdale Farm TV Star
08/07/1992 Arts Surrey Docks
PR080792(c) Jubilee Line Extension Briefing
08/07/1992 Transport Docklandswide
PR090792 Riverbus Returns to Surrey Docks 09/07/1992 Transport Surrey Docks
PR100792 Drummers of Burundi Come to London Docklands 10/07/1992 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR150792(a) Local Residents to View Progress of Limehouse Link Tunnel 15/07/1992 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR150792(b) Limehouse Link Public Art Commission Finalists Announced
15/07/1992 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR160792(a) Difficult Year - But Major Progress in Docklands Continues - Annual Report and Accounts 16/07/1992 Publicity Docklandswide
PR160792(b) Refurbished Veterans' Club is Opened by TV Personality Mike Reid
16/07/1992 Community
PR190792 Watersport Fun and Excitement 19/07/1992 Watersports Docklandswide
PR200792 DMB&B to Promote London Docklands Success Story 20/07/1992 Publicity Docklandswide
PR290792 August Jazz Dates for London Docklands 29/07/1992 Arts Docklandswide
PR060892 Fifth International Festival of Street Music 06/08/1992 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR120892 Exhibition Extension - These Fragments we have Shored against our Ruins 12/08/1992 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR180892 LDDC to Determine Savacentre Application 18/08/1992 Planning Beckton
PR190892 Speakers Announced for European Finance Convention 19/08/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR200892(a) Docklands Celebrates First Ever European  Oyster and Seafood Fair 20/08/1992 Events Isle of Dogs
PR200892(b) World Music Hits the Streets in London Docklands
20/08/1992 Events Isle of Dogs
PR260892 East End Teenagers Take On the Thames in a Dragon Boat 26/08/1992 Watersports Tower Hamlets
PR070992 London Docklands Asks "Are You a Knocker or a Docker?" 07/09/1992 Publicity Docklandswide
PR080992 London Docklands Oyster and Seafood Fair - Jellied Eel Eating Competition 08/09/1992 Events Isle of Dogs
PR110992 London Docklands Oyster and Seafood Fair - Paella Cook-in 11/09/1992 Events Isle of Dogs
PR130992 British Gas European Oyster Opening Challenge 13/09/1992 Events Isle of Dogs
PR140992(a) Summer Months see 90,000 sq ft let on the Isle of Dogs 14/09/1992 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR140992(b) LDDC Announce Allocation of over £1m for Community Groups 14/09/1992 Community Docklandswide
PR160992 London Docklands Seafood Fair Hooks a Bumper Catch 16/09/1992 Events Isle of Dogs
PR180992 Brookside TV Star Spearheads Docklands Literacy Ad Campaign 18/09/1992 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR210992(a) Successful Duo Poised to Develop Docklands 21/09/1992 Staff Docklandswide
PR210992(b) Sixth Docklands Jazz Festival
21/09/1992 Events Isle of Dogs
PR220992 Flowers Bloom at the North Pole 22/09/1992 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR280992 London Docklands to Exhibit at East Thames Corridor 28/09/1992 Publicity Docklandswide
PR290992 Chinese Detective Launches Community Initiatives 29/09/1992 Community Tower Hamlets
PR051092(a) Top German Bankers Visit Docklands 05/10/1992 Visits Docklandswide
PR051092(b) London Schools get Shirty about Drugs 05/10/1992 Health Docklandswide
PR061092 German Bankers Visit Docklands 06/10/1992 Visits Docklandswide
PR121092(a) LDDC Issues New Guide to London Docklands Facilities and Services 12/10/1992 Publicity Docklandswide
PR121092(b) Eat Your Way Through London Docklands - Russell Grossman Presents Good Food Awards
12/10/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR151092 Black Convoy Travels Through the Limehouse Link 15/10/1992 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR201092 Secretary of State Holds Public Inquiry into Access for LDDC Beckton Triangle Site 20/10/1992 Land Beckton
PR211092 Trevor Brooking to Open Brand New One O'Clock Club 21/10/1992 Community Isle of Dogs
PR261092 Starry Kick-off for New One O'Clock Club 26/10/1992 Community Isle of Dogs
PR271092 Savacentre Signs up with LDDC 27/10/1992 Developments Beckton
PR291092(a) Launch of New London Docklands Visitor Centre 29/10/1992 Publicity Isle of Dogs
PR291092(b) St Mark's War Memorial to be Re-erected 29/10/1992 Community Royal Docks
PR301092 Narrow Street Reopens on Schedule 30/10/1992 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR021192 London Docklands to be Europe's Financial Centre 02/11/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR031192 Major Facelift Re-launches London Docklands Visitor Centre 03/11/1992 Publicity Isle of Dogs
PR041192 Lloyd Grossman Presents London Docklands Good Food Awards 04/11/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR091192(a) London Docklands the pride of the Lord mayor's Show 09/11/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR091192(b) East London Schools Stride out on the Catwalk for European Drugs Prevention Week 09/11/1992 Health Docklandswide
PR091192(c) Health Secretary Steps out on the Catwalk with School Children for European Drugs Prevention Week 09/11/1992 Health Docklandswide
PR091192(d) Chinese Construction Minister Visits Docklands 09/11/1992 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR111192 UK's First Indian Flying Restaurant among Winners of London Docklands Good Food Awards 11/11/1992 Events Docklandswide
PR121192(a) LDDC Agrees New Land Deal - Fairview to Build New Homes 12/11/1992 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR121192(b) Swedes View London Docklands Architecture
12/11/1992 Visits Bermondsey Riverside
PR161192 Winners of Drug Prevention T-Shirt Design Competition 16/11/1992 Community Docklandswide
PR251192(a) French Minehunters open to Public in London Docklands 25/11/1992 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR251192(b) Shadow Education Spokesperson Opens East End School
25/11/1992 Education & Training Beckton
PR261192 Inner Cities Minister Tours New Homes in Limehouse 26/11/1992 Housing Limehouse
PR011292 1.2 Million Training Centre Opens in Wapping, London Docklands 01/12/1992 Education & Training Wapping
PR021292 Shadow Education Spokesperson Opens East End School 02/12/1992 Education & Training Beckton
PR031292 Inner Cities Minister Tours New Homes in Limehouse 03/12/1992 Housing Limehouse
PR091292 New Community Centre for Winsor Park 09/12/1992 Community Beckton
PR141292 New Guide to London Docklands Now Out 14/12/1992 Tourism Docklandswide
PR181292 London Docklands Appoints new Arts, Leisure and Tourism Manager 18/12/1992 Staff Docklandswide
PR2112192 LDDC Appoints Head of Safety 21/12/1992 Staff Docklandswide

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Number Title Date Category Location
PR061292 London Docklands Issues Winter Edition of Tourism News 06/01/1993 Tourism Docklandswide


Secure Deal made by London Docklands

12/01/1993 Developments Beckton
PR140193 New Group Tours Service Spotlights London Docklands 14/01/1993 Tourism Docklandswide
PR180193 Docklands Access Centres Open with Spotlight on Training Through the Ages 18/01/1993 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR190193 Study Reveals Way Ahead for Docklands Social Services Providers 19/01/1993 Community Docklandswide
PR200193 Docklands Access Centres Open with Spotlight on Training 20/01/1993 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR210193 Lord Mayor Visits London Docklands 21/01/1993 Visits Docklandswide
PR260193(a) Savacentre Goes on Site Today 26/01/1993 Developments Beckton
PR260193(b) Sovereign View - Background Statement
26/01/1993 Developments Surrey Docks
PR030293(a) LDDC Board Strengthened 03/01/1993 Staff Docklandswide
PR030293(b) Newham Council Gets Keys to New Children's Centre 03/01/1993 Community Royal Docks
PR040293 Tower Blocks Turned Host Art Exhibition 04/02/1993 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR050293(a) Docklands Keeps Jobs in London 05/02/1993 Reports Docklandswide
PR050293(b) Market Facelift Begins 05/02/1993 Environmental Schemes Tower Hamlets
PR050293(c) 1993 Docklands Business Directory Launched by LDDC Chairman 05/02/1993 Publicity Docklandswide
PR080293A Bob is Top Jailbird in Docklands 08/02/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR080293B London Docklands Targets Europe 08/02/1993 Publicity Docklandswide
PR150293 D4 Leamouth Shuttle Secures Further Funding 15/02/1993 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR160293 Royal Navy Visits London Docklands 16/02/1993 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR230293 London Docklands - A New Conference Destination 23/02/1993 Publicity Docklandswide
PR020393 New Homes and Businesses Planned for Limehouse 02/03/1993 Planning Limehouse
PR040393 New Homes for Limehouse Tenants 04/03/1993 Housing Limehouse
PR050393(a) London Docklands Speaks Out on Regeneration 05/03/1993 Events Docklandswide
PR050393(a) LDDC Launches New Investment Brochure
05/03/1993 Publicity
PR080393 New Life for Old Buildings in Tower Hamlets 08/03/1993 Conservation Tower Hamlets
PR110393 More Places for Tower Hamlets Sixth Formers 11/03/1993 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR120393(a) Donation for Docklands New Technology Centre 12/03/1993 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR120393(b) Water, Water Everywhere (Design Guide)
12/03/199 Planning Docklandswide
PR120393(c) LDDC Launches New Investment Brochure
12/03/199 Publicity Docklandswide
PR160393 Limehouse Link Sculptures Craned into Place 16/03/1993 Arts Tower Hamlets
PR170393 Limehouse Link Sculptures - Change of Date 17/03/1993 Arts Tower Hamlets
PR180393 Innovative Approaches to be Studied for Powering the Royal Docks 18/03/1993 Misc Royal Docks
PR190393(a) London Docklands on the Silver Screen 19/03/1993 Publicity Docklandswide
PR190393(b) Australian Dignitary Visits London Docklands 19/03/1993 Visits Southwark
PR190393(c) Limehouse Link Sculptures Craned into Place 19/03/1993 Arts Tower Hamlets
PR230393 More Places for Tower Hamlets Sixth Formers 23/03/1993 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR240393 Strong Support for Action on East Thames Corridor and Channel Tunnel Rail Link 24/03/1993 Planning Docklandswide
PR300393(a) London Docklands is the Place to Go 30/03/1993 Tourism Docklandswide
PR300393(b) Computers Across the Curriculum in Newham
30/03/1993 Education & Training
PR050493 Crown and County Courts Come to London Docklands 05/04/1993 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR220493 London's Largest Public Sculpture Now in Place in Docklands 22/04/1993 Arts Tower Hamlets
PR040593 Royal Victoria Dock Site Up for Grabs 04/05/1993 Land Royal Docks
PR050593 Limehouse Link Opens for Traffic on 17th May 1993 05/05/1993 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR060593 Fun Packed Limehouse Link Community Day on Saturday May 15th 06/03/1993 Events Tower Hamlets
PR170593(a) Prime Minister Opens Limehouse Link 17/05/1993 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR170593(b) New Student Hostel Welcomes First Residents to Southwark 17/05/1993 Housing Southwark
PR030693 Limehouse Causeway Link Road Completed 03/06/1993 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR040693 Fact Sheet - London's Hidden Treasure
PR070693(a) World's Largest Medical Ship Sails into London Docklands 07/06/1993 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR070693(b) Civic VIPs from Down Under Visit London Docklands
07/06/1993 Visits Docklandswide
PR150693 Major Exhibition Venue to be Developed in the Royals 15/06/1993 Developments Royal Docks
PR160693 Winners of 1993 London Docklands Training Awards Announced 16/06/1993 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR180693(a) Have Fun in London Docklands This Summer 18/06/1993 Tourism Docklandswide
PR180693(a) London to be Represented at First World Property Market
18/06/1993 Events Docklandswide
PR230693 Lifestyle, Attractions and Homes - All in the New Issue of London Docklands Guide 23/06/1993 Publicity Docklandswide
PR280693 First Class Advice for West Silvertown Residents 28/06/1993 Community Royal Docks
PR010793 Eye of the Wind Charts Course for London Docklands 01/07/1993 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR060793 Considerate Contractors Recognised by London Docklands 06/07/1993 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR080793A Get the Bird's Eye View of Agricultural Show in the heart of London Docklands 08/07/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR080793B New Centre boosts Mental Healthcare in Tower Hamlets 08/07/1993 Health Tower Hamlets
PR090793 Something Fishy Going on in Docklands 09/07/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120793 Motown Starr Performs in London Docklands 12/07/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR200793 Renewed Confidence in London Docklands 20/07/1993 Publicity Docklandswide
PR210793 Something Fishy Going on in Docklands 21/07/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR280793(a) Get on Your (Jet) Bike!! 28/07/1993 Events Royal Docks
PR280793(b) First Docklands Commercial Start in Limehouse Bsin
28/07/1993 Developments Limehouse
PR020893 Its All Happening in London Docklands This Summer 02/08/1993 Events Docklandswide
PR030893 Living Art Exhibition Comes to London Docklands This Summer 03/08/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR040893 The Bootleg Beatles Play Cabot Hall, London Docklands 04/08/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR090893 Catch the Best Sounds at London Docklands Seafood Fair 09/08/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR130893 LDDC Appoints Director of Technical Services 13/08/1993 Staff Docklandswide
PR160893 Rare Species Discovered in London Docklands 16/08/1993 Ecology Isle of Dogs
PR170893 Wanted!  Students for University Access Course 17/08/1993 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR180893 Texaco Docklands Jazz Festival 18/08/1993 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR200893(a) "Living Art" Exhibition Comes to London Docklands This Summer 20/08/1993 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR200893(b) City and Docklands Join Forces to Promote London 20/08/1993 Publicity Docklandswide
PR200893(b) LDDC Statement - Riverbus Closure 20/08/1993 Trasnport Docklandswide
PR250893 Countdown Begins to Biggest Docklands Seafood Festival 25/08/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR260893 City and Docklands Join Forces to Promote London 26/08/1993 Publicity Docklandswide
PR270893(a) Seafood Pizzas to Go 27/08/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR270893(b) Island Health Centre - Award of Contract 27/08/1993 Health Isle of Dogs
PR270893(c) Veteran Health Visitor Re-opens Refurbished Inner City Health Centre 27/08/1993 Health Bermondsey Riverside
PR130993(a) Seafood Fair a Spectacular Success in London Docklands 13/09/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR130993(b) "Magic" Ticket Offer for Cabot Hall Concert
13/09/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR200993 Great River Race Gets Ministerial Approval 20/09/1993 Events Docklandswide
PR290993 Winner of Docklands In Bloom 1993 to be Announced 29/09/1993 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR300993 Archbishop of Westminster Opens Inner City School Extension 30/09/1993 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR041093(a) Calling All Considerate Contractors in Southwark 04/10/1993 Misc Southwark
PR041093(b) Royal Appointment for Touche Ross
04/10/1993 Developments
Royal Docks
PR121093 Commitments Selling Out Fast At Canary Wharf 12/10/1993 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR151093(a) London Docklands The Capital's Newest Tourist Destination 15/10/1993 Tourism Docklandswide
PR151093(b) Environment Minister for Stratford Conference
15/10/1993 Events Docklandswide
PR1801093(a) A Celebration of Good Food in London Docklands 18/10/1993 Events Docklandswide
PR1801093(b) Poplar Youngsters Adopt their Very Own Pond
18/10/1993 Ecology
Tower Hamlets
PR211093(a) Limehouse Link Wins Construction Industry Top Award 21/10/1993 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR211093(b) Nominees Announced for this year's London Docklands Good Food Awards
21/10/1993 Events Docklandswide
PR271093(a) Docklands Oldest Building Restored to its Former Glory 27/10/1993 Conservation Isle of Dogs
PR271093(b) Star of Hit TV Series "One Foot in the Grave" Inspects London's Oldest Tombstones
27/10/1993 Community
Isle of Dogs
PR011193(a) Royal Docks Development Project Gets Government Backing (Urban Village) 01/11/1993 Developments Royal Docks
PR011193(b) Rocket Around the Dock - London's Most Spectacular Guy Fawkes Party 01/11/1993 Events Isle of Dogs
PR011193(c) Secretary of State Confirms Go-ahead on Jubilee Line Extension 01/11/1993 Trasnport Docklandswide
PR041193 Terence Conran Scoops Two Awards at London Docklands Good Food Awards 04/11/1993 Events Docklandswide
PR151193 Postcards from the Edge 15/11/1993 Tourism Docklandswide
PR241193(a) Simply Next to the Best Thing 24/11/1993 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR241193(b) David Bellamy Opens the Soanes Centre
24/11/1993 Education and Training
Tower Hamlets
PR081293 Jubilee Line - A Landmark for London Docklands 08/12/1993 Transport Docklandswide
PR141293 Man Made Nesting Rafts to Attract Water Birds to London Docklands 14/12/1993 Ecology Docklandswide
PR171293 Man Made Nesting Rafts will Encourage Water Birds to Breed in London Docklands 17/12/1993 Ecology Docklandswide
PR211293 Art Roundabouts - New Sculpture in London Docklands 21/12/1993 Arts Docklandswide

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