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Number Title
Category Location
PR290188 Chief Executive Resigns for Private Family Reasons 29/01/1988 Staff Docklandswide
PR110288 Isle of Dogs Community Grants Approved 11/02/1988 Community Isle of Dogs
PR180288 New London Arena Chief Executive Appointed 18/02/1988 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR220288 Docklands Business Centre at Entrepreneurs Exhibition 22/02/1988 Events Docklandswide
PR150388 Teleshopping Goes Live in Docklands 15/03/1988 Community Isle of Dogs
PR210388 Capital Gains for Isle of Dogs Groups 21/03/1988 Community Isle of Dogs
PR220388 LDDC and Tower Hamlets Agreement Secures Rehousing 22/03/1988 Housing Tower Hamlets
PR280388 Major Contract Let for New Roads in the Royal Docks 28/03/1988 Transport Royal Docks
PR290388 A First for Local People in Docklands 29/03/1988 Housing Surrey Docks
PR300388 New Chief Executive Appointed 30/03/1988 Staff Docklandswide
PR070488 New Stables for Connaught Horses 07/04/1988 Developments Beckton
PR120488 Run Fun in Docklands 12/04/1988 Events Docklandswide
PR150488 Important New Development Brief Launched in Surrey Docks 15/04/1988 Developments Surrey Docks
PR210488 LDDC Acquires Freehold in Royal Docks 21/04/1988 Land Royal Docks
PR090588 Royal Docks Scheme Adopted 09/05/1988 Developments Royal Docks
PR190588 Marina Brief Heads-up New Development Ideas for South Dock Harbour 19/05/1988 Developments Surrey Docks
PR230588 Housebound Trainees Issue Challenge to Docklands Employers 23/05/1988 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR260588 Marina Brief Heads-up New Development Ideas for South Dock Harbour, Surrey Docks, SE16 26/05/1988 Developments Surrey Docks
PR270588(a) LDDC Set-up Highways Information Service 27/05/1988 Transport Docklandswide
PR270588(b) LDDC Requests Revisions to City Harbour Hotel
27/05/1988 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR080688 Urban Design Briefs Issued for the Royal Docks 08/06/1988 Planning Royal Docks
PR090688 Good News Rolls In 09/08/1988 Community Bermondsey Riverside
PR100688 Lower Lea Inquiry Scheduled 10/06/1988 Transport Royal Docks
PR200688 Major Works Start on East Beckton Housing Site 20/06/1988 Housing Beckton
PR210688 Major Royal Docks Planning Application referred to the Secretary of State 21/08/1988 Planning Royal Docks
PR220688 Architectural Landmark for the Isle of Dogs 22/06/1988 Infrastructure Isle of Dogs
PR300688(a) Accord Agreed by Tower Hamlets and Corporation 30/06/1988 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR300688(b) LDDC Boosts Hospital Appeal or Baby Scanner 30/06/1988 Health Newham
PR040788a New Ventures Sought for 1m Docklands Enterprise Centre 04/07/1988 Developments Southwark
PR040788b Employment Minister opends Isle of Dogs Jobs & Training Fair
04/07/1988 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR040788c Planning Approval for Limehouse Link Scheme 04/07/1988 Transport Limehouse
PR060788 HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Returns to see war-blitzed Rotherhithe regenerated 06/07/1988 Visits Surrey Docks
PR120788 Fire over England: Armada 400th Anniversary 12/07/1988 Events Beckton
PR130788 Press arrangements for the visit of HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Returns to Surrey Docks, Rotherhithe, Thursday 28th July 13/07/1988 Visits Surrey Docks
PR190788 Royal Docks Scheme referred to the Secretary of State 19/07/1988 Planning Royal Docks
PR270788 Family Fun in Surrey Docks 27/07/1988 Events Surrey Docks
PR280788 New Directors Appointed 27/07/1988 Staff Docklandswide
PR010888 Surrey Docks Cycle Race 01/08/1988 Events Surrey Docks
PR040888 Sax at Surreys 04/08/1988 Events Surrey Docks
PR050888 Planning Approval for Royal Docks Scheme 05/08/1988 Planning Royal Docks
PR220888 Working for the Community 22/08/1988 Publicity Docklandswide
PR000988 Leaflet about Isle of Dogs Road Improvements 01/09/1988 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR060988(a) Poplar Link Highway Scheme referred to Secretary of State 06/09/1988 Planning Isle of Dogs
PR060988(b) Limehouse Link Inquiry Scheduled
06/09/1988 Transport Limehouse
PR080988 Japanese Invest in Docklands Computer and Telecommunications Centre 08/09/1988 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR090988 London Docklands Housing Review 09/09/1988 Policy Docklandswide
PR190988 Docklands Dash for Local Charities 19/09/1988 Events Surrey Docks
PR220988(a) Self Build Sites on Offer in the Royals 22/09/1988 Housing Royal Docks
PR220988(b) Development Team Selected for South Dock Harbour
22/09/1988 Development Surrey Docks
PR230988 Road Improvement Scheme Progresses 23/09/1988 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR280988(a) Improvements proposed for Enterprise Zone Roads 28/09/1988 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR280988(b) Royal Victoria Dock Site to Go to Tender
28/09/1988 Developments Royal Docks
PR300988 Good News on the Shopping Front 30/09/1988 Publicity Docklandswide
PR041088 Planning Approval for East India Dock Link 04/10/1988 Planning Isle of Dogs
PR121088 Partnership Approach to training in Tower Hamlets 12/10/1988 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR141088(a) Secretary of State opens Jobs and Training Fair 14/10/1988 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR141088(b) National Recognition for Greenland Dock
14/10/1988 Developments
Surrey Docks
PR151088 Radio One Star Bruno Brookes Opens Docklands Jobs Fair 15/10/1988 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR171088(a) New Head of Urban Design 17/10/1988 Staff Docklandswide
PR171088(b) New Director Appointed
17/10/1988 Staff Docklandswide
PR181088 Major Royal Docks Scheme receives Planning Approval 18/10/1988 Planning Docklandswide
PR211088(a) Local Developer chosen for Island Yard 21/10/1988 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR211088(b) Limehouse Link Inquiry Opens
21/10/1988 Transport Limehouse
PR241088 25,000 Boost for Surrey Docks Community Projects 24/10/1988 Community Surrey Docks
PR251088 New Shops and Jobs at Surrey Quays in London Docklands 25/10/1988 Developments Surrey Docks
PR281088 Joint Housing Task Force Opens for Business 28/10/1988 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR311088 Architects Selected for New Neighbourhood Centre 31/10/1988 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR031188 Secretary of State opens Jobs and Training Fair 03/11/1988 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR231188 Chairman Speaks at Docklands Enterprise Awards 23/11/2000 Events Docklandswide
PR291188 Docklands Jobs and Training Success 29/11/1988 Education & Training Surrey Docks
PR121288 East End Businesses to Link Into Canary Wharf 12/12/1988 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR141288 Limehouse Link to Tender 14/12/1988 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR201288 Sixth Self Build Scheme for Docklands 20/12/1988 Housing Isle of Dogs

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Number Title
Category Location
PR180189 London Bridge City Planning Applications Considered 18/01/1989 Planning Bermondsey Riverside
PR240189 Docklands will have the Best Transport System in the UK 24/01/1989 Policy Docklandswide
PR010289 Take the Train to Jobs and Training Arena 01/02/1989 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR100289(a) Jacobs Island Company and Olympia and York Chosen for Surrey Quays Phase II 10/02/1989 Developments Surrey Docks
PR100289(b) Employment Growth in Docklands 10/02/1989 Employment Docklandswide
PR270289 New training Facility for Newham Community College 27/02/1989 Education & Training Royal Docks
PR030389 Timber Wharves to be Acquired for Replacement Housing 03/03/1989 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR060389 East London's Biggest Job Exhibition Opens on 14 March 06/03/1989 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR140389 East London's Biggest Job Exhibition Opens Today 14/03/1989 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR310389 Landmark for Social Housing in Docklands 31/03/1989 Housing Surrey Docks
PR030489 Flying Start for Docklands Youngster 03/04/1989 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR120489 New Watersports Centre for the Isle of Dogs 12/04/1989 Watersports Isle of Dogs
PR140489 360,000 Boost for Docklands Educational, Social and Community Projects 14/04/1989 Community Southwark
PR100589 Local Club Receives Special Sports Equipment 10/05/1989 Community Tower Hamlets
PR120589 First Tenants Move Under Accord Between Council and the Corporation 12/05/1989 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR180589 Agreement Secures Replacement Homes 18/05/1989 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR230589 City Children Discover the Secrets of Pond Life 23/05/1989 Education & Training Surrey Docks
PR080689 Southwark's Oldest Resident Opens New Garden 08/06/1989 Community Bermondsey Riverside
PR090689 Photo Opportunity - New Garden 09/06/1989 Community Bermondsey Riverside
PR130689(a) 7m Refurbishment for Royals Lock 13/06/1989 Infrastructure Royal Docks
PR130689(b) Poplar Link Inquiry Scheduled
13/06/1989 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR210689 Public Accounts Committee Report on Urban Development Corporations 21/06/1989 Policy Docklandswide
PR270689 Government Approval for Limehouse Link 27/06/1989 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR300689 Docklands Teachers Invited to Spend Two Weeks in Industry 30/06/1989 Education & Training Tower Hamlets
PR130789(a) Lower Lea Crossing for Tender 13/07/1989 Transport Docklandswide
PR130789(b) Major Site Released in Leamouth
13/07/1989 Developments
Tower Hamlets
PR180789 DLR Beckton Extension Plans Unveiled 18/07/1989 Transport Docklandswide
PR250789 LDDC Report and Accounts 1988/89 25/07/1989 Publicity Docklandswide
PR010889 New Trains Ordered for Docklands Light Railway 01/08/1989 Transport Docklandswide
PR020889 5.5 Million Improvement Scheme Starts on Housing Estate 02/08/1989 Housing Limehouse
PR030889 Contract Award for Docklands Road Scheme 03/08/1989 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR040889 51M for Community Spend 04/08/1989 Community Docklandswide
PR070889 New Plan for London's Royal Docks 07/08/1989 Planning Royal Docks
PR160889 DLR Contractor Named 16/08/1989 Transport Docklandswide
PR210889 Docklands Companies Put Best Foot Forward 21/08/1989 Events Docklandswide
PR240889 Two Islanders Pedal to Paris to Help Children 24/08/1989 Events Isle of Dogs
PR310889 Work Starts on Neighbourhood Centre 31/08/1989 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR050989 Art on Railings 05/09/1989 Arts Isle of Dogs
PR090989 Docklands Building wins National Architecture Award 09/09/1989 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR120989 Photo Opportunity - Sculpture at Stave Hill 12/09/1989 Arts Surrey Docks
PR190989 Bus Shows Docklands Employers the Way to Closer Link with Schools 19/09/1989 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR210989 Unveiling Ceremony for Docklands Sculpture 21/09/1989 Arts Surrey Docks
PR220989 Young Artist Gets a Birdseye View of Docklands 22/09/1989 Arts Docklandswide
PR250989 London Docklands Tourism Team 25/09/1989 Tourism Docklandswide
PR280989 Balfour Beatty and Fairclough win Limehouse Link Contract 28/09/1989 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR290989 Docklands Linked to the National Motorway Network 29/09/1989 Transport Beckton
PR021089 New Guide to London Docklands 21/10/1989 Publicity Docklandswide
PR031089(a) Docklands Linked to the National Motorway Network 03/10/1989 Transport Beckton
PR031089(b) Hotel Seminar to Attract New Hotels to Docklands
03/10/1989 Tourism
PR041089 Docklands Dash for Local Charities 04/10/1989 Events Surrey Docks
PR091089 King Edward III's Rotherhithe Manor House Comes Back to Life 09/10/1989 Arts Bermondsey Riverside
PR111089 New Social Housing Strategy Unveiled 11/10/1989 Policy Docklandswide
PR171089 Transport in Docklands 17/10/1989 Transport Docklandswide
PR061189 Childcare in Docklands - Making it Happen 06/11/1989 Policy Docklandswide
PR081189 London Docklands Welcomes Hotel Developers 08/11/1989 Events Docklandswide
PR151189 Government Announces 359 Million Extra Grant for Docklands 15/11/1989 Policy Docklandswide
PR201189 First Tenants move to Timber Wharves 20/11/1989 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR221189 LDDC Chief Executive to Open New Route to the A13 22/11/1989 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR281189 LDDC Corporate Plan Published 28/11/1989 Planning Docklandswide
PR291189 Prime Minister Drives the First Pile of the 220 Limehouse Link 29/11/1989 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR071289 The Weight for a Minute Challenge 07/12/1989 Events Southwark
PR091289 Bridge Floats in for New Road Link 09/12/1989 Transport Royal Docks
PR131289 RTPI Highly Commends London Docklands' Greenland Dock 13/12/1989 Developments Surrey Docks
PR181289 Mowlem-Taylor Woodrow Joint Venture Wins Contract for Beckton Extension 18/12/1989 Transport Docklandswide

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Number Title
Category Location
PR160190 Prime Waterside Site Released on the Isle of Dogs 16/01/1990 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR230190(a) Great "Kick Off" for New College Centre 23/01/1990 Education & Training Royal Docks
PR230190(b) Contract Award for Lower Lea Crossing 23/01/1990 Transport Docklandswide
PR240190 Ducking and Diving in Docklands 24/01/1990 Watersports Docklandswide
PR300190 Construction Clean Up for the Isle of Dogs 30/01/1990 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR310190 LDDC Petitions for Jubilee Line Improvements 31/01/1990 Transport Docklandswide
PR010290 Great "Kick Off" for New College Centre 01/02/1990 Education & Training Royal Docks
PR190290 Surrey Quays Faculty of Building's Edwin Williams Memorial Award 19/02/1990 Developments Surrey Docks
PR230290 Chris Patten Swings into Action in London Docklands 23/02/1990 Transport Royal Docks
PR270290 Exhibition Shows Success of 2.2m Computer Boost for Docklands Schools 27/02/1990 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR050390 New Housing Opportunities in London Docklands 05/03/1990 Publicity Docklandswide
PR060390 London Docklands Welcomes Incoming Tour Operators 06/03/1990 Tourism Docklandswide
PR070390 Exhibition Shows Success of 2.2m Computer Boost for Docklands Schools 07/03/1990 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR090390(a) Grants Secure 400 Rented Homes in Docklands 09/03/1990 Housing Beckton
PR090390(b) Help on Hand for Local Firms
09/03/1990 Misc
PR120390(a) London Docklands Gets New Watersports Centre 12/03/1990 Watersports Surrey Docks
PR120390(b) LDDC Approves a Record Budget for 1990/91
12/03/1990 Misc Docklandswide
PR150390 Topping Out Ceremony - Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Centre 15/03/1990 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR160390 Architects Selected for New London Docklands Restaurant/Bar 16/03/1990 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR210390 All Aboard for Telethon '90 in London Docklands 21/03/1990 Events Isle of Dogs
PR230390 Unveiling of Bust of James Walker, Civil Engineer, designer of Greenland Dock 23/03/1990 Arts Surrey Docks
PR270390 New Housing Development Acquired for Limehouse Tenants 27/03/1990 Accord Limehouse
PR020490 Government Approval for Poplar Link 02/04/1990 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR060490 550 Tonne Bascule Bridge Lifted into Position 06/04/1990 Transport Royal Docks
PR230490 First International Hotel Chain for London Docklands 23/04/1990 Developments Surrey Docks
PR260490 Education Secretary Visits London Docklands 26/04/1990 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR300490(a) LDDC Appoint Head of Media and PR 30/04/1990 Staff Docklandswide
PR300490(b) Education Secretary Visits London Docklands 30/04/1990 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR020590 London Docklands at the Moot '90 02/05/1990 Tourism Docklandswide
PR100590 Development Opportunities at Royal Docks 10/05/1990 Developments Royal Docks
PR110590 Vital Survey for London Docklands 11/05/1990 Misc Docklandswide
PR170590 Colin Moynihan Drives Foundation Piles for Lower Lea Crossing 17/05/1990 Transport Docklandswide
PR210590 Foundations Laid for Lower Lea Crossing 21/05/1990 Transport Docklandswide
PR220590 British Prime Minister Endorses London Docklands 22/05/1990 Policy Docklandswide
PR230590 Visit of Lee Kuam Yew, Prime Minister of Singapore 23/05/1990 Visits Docklandswide
PR050690 Road Closure as Limehouse Link Progresses 05/06/1990 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR140690 Docklands Experiment Success Continues 14/06/1990 Policy Docklandswide
PR150690 St Mary's Church Rotherhithe - Festival Celebrations 15/06/1990 Events Bermondsey Riverside
PR180690 China City in London Docklands 18/06/1990 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR270690 Regeneration in Newham Proceeds Apace 27/06/1990 Policy Newham
PR120790 First Annual Isle of Dogs Considerate Contractor Scheme Winners Announced 12/07/1990 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR140790 Call for Applicants for LDDC Flying Scholarship 14/07/1990 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR190790 Royal Navy Minesweeper to Visit London Docklands 19/07/1990 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR200790 Employment Secretary Visits London Docklands 20/07/1990 Visits Docklandswide
PR230790(a) Royal Navy Minesweeper to Visit London Docklands 23/07/1990 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR230790(b) Employment Secretary's Visit to London Docklands 23/07/1990 Visits Isle of Dogs
PR140890 Teacher Resource Packs Launched by London Docklands 14/08/1990 Education & Training Docklandswide
PR160890 Exhibition to Open in Wapping Hydraulic Pumping Station 16/08/1990 Arts Wapping
PR230890 West India Dock Road Widening - 1.7m Contract Awarded 23/08/1990 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR240890 LDDC Report and Financial Statements Published 24/08/1990 Publicity Docklandswide
PR300890 New Art in the Old Machines at Wapping Pumping Station 30/08/1990 Arts Wapping
PR060990 Project Launched to Beat Heart Disease 06/09/1990 Health Tower Hamlets
PR120990(a) Planning Restrictions on "Eyesore" Satellite TV Dishes 12/09/1990 Planning Docklandswide
PR120990(b) Royal Marines Abseilers On Cue for New Bus Link
12/09/1990 Events Isle of Dogs
PR120990(c) Project Launched to Beat Heart Disease
12/09/1990 Health Docklandswide
PR130990 London Docklands Launches TV Ad Campaign 13/09/1990 Publicity Docklandswide
PR190990 LDDC Launches Local Trade Directory for Construction Industry 19/09/1990 Publicity Docklandswide
PR200900 Laurels for Greenfingered Docklanders 20/09/1990 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR250990 Ceremonial Blessing of Chinese Dragon Boats 25/09/1990 Watersports Isle of Dogs
PR260990 Investigations on Death of Fish Point to Natural Causes 26/09/1990 Misc Wapping
PR270990 Putting London Docklands on the Tourist Map 27/09/1990 Tourism Docklandswide
PR051090 Women on the Run in London Docklands 05/10/1990 Events Surrey Docks
PR111090 London Enterprise Zone to have First Short Stay Visitor Car Park 11/10/1990 Enterprise Zone Isle of Dogs
PR121090 Chief Executive - Announcement 12/10/1990 Staff Docklandswide
PR241090 Wise up 0or Lose out Warning to Docklands Bosses 24/10/1990 Events Docklandswide
PR311090(a) UK Jazz Premier Secured for London Docklands 31/10/1990 Arts Docklandswide
PR311090(b) Basic Skills Boost Planned for London Docklands
31/10/1990 Education & Training
PR021190 London Docklands' First Tourism Forum - Path Ahead mapped out 02/11/1990 Tourism Docklandswide
PR081190(a) LDDC Awards East India Dock Tunnel/Prestons Road Flyover Contract 08/11/1990 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR081190(b) Europe's Tallest Building Topped Out Today
08/11/1990 Developments Isle of Dogs
PR121190 Dog Mess Remedy:  New Bin Clears the Path 12/11/1990 Environmental Schemes Docklandswide
PR151190 LDDC Grant Secures Key Post at Docklands Sinfonietta 15/11/1990 Arts Docklandswide
PR191190(a) Ming Street Closed from Monday 19 November 19/11/1990 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR191190(b) Britannia Hotels Acquires the Arrowhead Site on the Isle of Dogs
19/11/1990 Developments
Isle of Dogs
PR201190 Major Transport Study for Docklands 20/11/1990 Transport Tower Hamlets
PR221190 Lewisham Extension "Excellent News" for London Docklands 22/11/1990 Transport Isle of Dogs
PR271190(a) Michael Portillo Opens Access Centre 27/11/1990 Education & Training Royal Docks
PR271190(b) World Travel Market Marks Year of Success for London Docklands
27/11/1990 Tourism Docklandswide
PR281190 Poster Campaign Highlights Attractions of London Docklands 28/11/1990 Publicity Docklandswide
PR031290 Ceremony Marks Official Completion of UK's Largest Rehousing Programme 03/12/1990 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR041290 UK's Largest Rehousing Programme Successfully Completed in London Docklands 04/12/1990 Accord Tower Hamlets
PR061290 Launch of Witch Two - "Garbage Gobbler" 06/12/1990 Misc Isle of Dogs
PR071290 Post-16 College - Official Transfer to Tower Hamlets 07/12/1990 Education & Training Isle of Dogs
PR111290 LDDC Appoints Bechtel for Transport Infrastructure Management 11/12/1990 Transport Docklandswide
PR121290 New Careers Resource for Teachers Launched by London Docklands 12/12/1990 Education & Training Docklandswide

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